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A Warm Welcome !

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  • don johnston
    A warm welcome to our new subscribers, as an introduction to you all my name is Don Johnston and I m in Melbourne AU. The newest members [All six of you] came
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 25, 2004
      A warm welcome to our new subscribers, as an introduction to you all my
      name is Don Johnston and I'm in Melbourne AU. The newest members [All
      six of you] came and subscribed due to Sharyn Hay's courtesy in allowing
      my message to be conveyed through the Johnston Rootsweb List, I am
      grateful to her for giving permission for my post on her List, Sharyn
      thankfully understands that resources [specifically Genealogical ones]
      are ideally shared.

      The purpose of creating this Group is to enable those researching our
      elusive forbearers, however specifically in AU/NZ to share their
      knowledge, research and hopefully their family names might have a mix
      into others and voila!! A hit [I wish].

      I also would like "All" of the Johnston names to be represented, those
      with a "T", those without and those with an "E" and others because one
      of our new subscribers [G'day Lynn - Lovely to see a distant US Cousin
      join before I could even tell her !!] found our US based rellies by
      locating a shipping record which listed them as Johnson's and not
      Johnston - Thank God for Soundex!!.

      You can proudly call yourselves "Foundation Members" of the Group as
      indeed you are, I've yet to spend more sleepless nights marketing this
      Group and would relish the thought that some of you may like to tell
      others who have the same kin interests, that being as it may it may take
      some time for the Group to move forward with many more people yet to
      know of it's existence and to join and share so please hang in cause it
      will happen.

      I have added a substantial list of links which may be of interest to you
      all, unfortunately, as this List is sponsored by Yahoo it means that you
      have to register with Yahoo to access this Group Home Page, and any
      other Yahoo Group too, take the time out to do that and if you have any
      problems just give me a yell.

      My Co-Partner in Genie-Crime is my lovely Cousin Gillian who lives in
      Adelaide, South Australia, both Gill and I have had the privilege in
      writing articles for the Clan Johnston/e Association in Australia and I
      will touch base with them shortly to ask permission for a news release
      of this Group, I and we may see more join, the Clan Johnston/e also has
      a New Zealand entity and I will contact them also.

      Initially all messages will be moderated, not for any other purposes
      than to ensure you don't receive spam or other stuff although I have
      been moderating another Group [In my other life] specifically for
      Dangerous Goods [Hazmat for our US members] for 5 years with over 650
      members and don't appear to have too many problems.

      Lastly a bit more info, I'm a Grandfather with four Grand Females and 2
      sons and daughters [and their respective spouses], I [Like Gill] have
      been researching our family for over 25 years, our Johnston research has
      been into Co Antrim, Northern Ireland however we believe that they
      formed part of the Ulster-Scottish people, both Gill and my research has
      enabled us to learn and understand much about Co Antrim so if you need
      some guidance in this area we'll try and help.

      Again, thanks for coming "On Board" and we both hope your belonging will
      be fruitful

      Best Wishes
      Don & Gill

      C-Admin: Northern Ireland Genweb-County Antrim
      Co-Moderator: Campbells in Australia
      Co-Moderator: Irish Ancestors Group
      Administrator: AU-GenWeb Mailing List
      Ours: Johnston of Derrykeighan & Dervock
      Co-Moderator: Johnston's in Australia
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