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Re: oop's : William Johnston naming convention

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  • Tony Johnston
    Hello Marilyn, thank you for your enquiry and what I did was make a seperate posting with the information I have in case others may wish to make use of it.
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 24, 2007
      Hello Marilyn,
      thank you for your enquiry and what I did was make a seperate posting
      with the information I have in case others may wish to make use of it.
      When I was supplied with this information from a fellow researcher it
      made my life easier and seemed to make sense when you look at it. It
      seems that it also works with you as well.

      As you can see from previous posts from Linda and Lorna, because of
      the name Penman mixed in thier family names it is most likely that
      they are related.

      From my family research it seems that my Johnston(e) line is also
      Scottish Johnstone and Irish Johnston(e).

      I have also a list of earlier Occupations (eg Baxter = Baker) and
      Medical Conditions (eg Apoplexy = Stroke) if any one thinks I should
      post them.

      If you (or any one else) requires information on births, deaths and
      marriage between 1837 - 1920 in VICTORIA ONLY I can look the
      information up. It may take a couple of weeks as I am moving house
      this weekend to a rural location and I will need time to settle in
      and sort out the broadband issue.

      good luck with the research and thanks again for your email
      Tony Johnston
      Northern Territory

      --- In JohnstonAustralia@yahoogroups.com, "Marilyn Laxton"
      <wlaxton@...> wrote:
      > Hi - Do you think this naming convention applies to the northern
      irish johnstons? Thank you for the description it seems to fit my
      Scottish ancestors.
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      > From: Tony Johnston
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      > Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 8:04 PM
      > Subject: [JohnstonAustralia] oop's : William Johnston
      > Sorry Linda,
      > In my previous post I refered to you as Lorna when I meant Linda.
      > I got a little confused with names because Lorna answered you.
      > But never mind as the information I posted will be relevent to
      you both.
      > With regards to Lorna's reply to you about having name Penman as
      > of the given name, I would say that it is most likely that you
      > related.
      > I say that because of the traditional Naming Convention of the
      > Here is a quick explanation.
      > Scottish, 1700 to 1800's.
      > First daughter - named for maternal grandmother
      > Second daughter - named for paternal grandmother
      > Third daughter - named after her mother
      > Other daughters were named after other family members
      > First son - named after paternal grandfather
      > Second son - named after maternal grandfather
      > Third son - named after his father
      > This policy holds true unless one family member had more assets
      or a
      > higher social standing than the other. One unique aspect of
      > naming was that if two grandmothers or two grandfathers had the
      > given name, two children in the same family would end up with the
      > name. Another practice was to name daughters after the clergyman
      > other important male figure.
      > Hope this explains it.
      > cheers
      > Tony Johnston
      > Northern Territory.
      > --- In JohnstonAustralia@yahoogroups.com, "lindaw1nner"
      > <lindaw1nner@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Searching for information on a William Johnston married Matilda
      > Strain
      > > 1900.Children were/are Mary Isabella Penman Johnston,William
      > > Johnston,Alan Penman Johnston.
      > >
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