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Re: [JohnstonAustralia] Irish Books

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  • Islay
    Is THE GENTLE JOHNSTON/ES about Irish or Scottish Johnstons? And what price and postage? Islay ... From: Gillian To: JohnstonAustralia@yahoogroups.com Sent:
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 30, 2006
        Is THE GENTLE JOHNSTON/ES about Irish or Scottish Johnstons?  And what price and postage?
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      From: Gillian
      Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 2:34 PM
      Subject: [JohnstonAustralia] Irish Books

      And does everyone know about the book THE GENTLE JOHNSTON/ES which is
      available from Des Johnston of the Australian Clan Johnston/e
      valdes@ecoppost. com.au

      I am just reading it, AND enjoying it -

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      Jyc> Subject: Irish books

      Jyc> Kia ora,

      Jyc> For those of you with Irish ancestors and/or interested in Ireland the
      Jyc> http://www.libraryi reland.com website is worth looking at. Each month a
      Jyc> book is available to read on line - F R E E! Here is the latest
      Jyc> offering.

      Jyc> P. W. Joyce's A Concise History of Ireland is now available to read online
      Jyc> at LibraryIreland. com

      Jyc> This book provides a good general overview to - and sequence of - Irish
      Jyc> history from the earliest times to the beginning of the 20th Century.

      Jyc> John Healy's Irish Essays: Literary and Historical is now also complete with
      Jyc> essays on the Round Towers, St. Patrick in the West of Ireland, the Abbeys
      Jyc> of Cong and Inismaine, and Grania Uaile (Grace O'Malley, the Pirate Queen)
      Jyc> having been added.

      Jyc> Happy reading.

      Jyc> Bev

    • Gillian
      Jyc Posted by: Islay islayk@graduate.uwa.edu.au   islaymist2000 Jyc Wed Aug 30, 2006 8:49 am (PST) Jyc Is THE GENTLE JOHNSTON/ES
      Message 2 of 3 , Aug 31, 2006
        Jyc> Posted by: "Islay" islayk@...   islaymist2000
        Jyc> Wed Aug 30, 2006 8:49 am (PST)
        Jyc> Is THE GENTLE JOHNSTON/ES about Irish or Scottish
        Jyc> Johnstons? And what price and postage?
        Jyc> Islay

        It traces the beginnings of the migrations from Europe to Britain - The
        Vikings to the West Coast, the Scotii to Scotland, and the Celtic
        people moving north under the nasty treatment of the Normans, then on
        to the Border families and the first of the Johnston name. Later
        with the problems of Maxwells being unkind to the Johnstons, and vice
        versa, James VI/I sorted them out by encouraging them to settle in
        Ulster - the Plantation. Next chapters are ULSTER THE
        THE BORDER AND ARRIVE IN ULSTER, etc. I did think it would be a dry
        read, but it is very readbale and enjoyable, and also fills in the
        bits about WHY the Plantation came about - and why people went to

        The price was $38.50 - email Des at valdes@...

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