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Re: Johnstons in Rushworth

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  • storeyboy2
    ... Hello Val, It s so good to have the contact again. You have no idea how often I ve thought of you and your family over these 16 years. Kaye and almost
    Message 1 of 2 , May 10, 2005
      --- In JohnstonAustralia@yahoogroups.com, "gherang" <gherang@y...>
      > Hello Trevor We met some years ago, I'm John Jack Johnstone's g
      > daughter from his 2nd marriage, you came to see us and had a reunion
      > with a lot of the clan.
      > I've not found much more than what we had back then but Lewis died in
      > 1903 in Mpna Hosp James had 2 daughters that died very young and are
      > buried at Whroo Cemetery. I haven't found his death nor anything on
      > Alexander. But I have got Jessie's brothers and sisters and her
      > mothers family if you would like them. Val

      Hello Val, It's so good to have the contact again. You have no idea
      how often I've thought of you and your family over these 16 years. Kaye
      and almost took off by car again a couple of years ago. I'll send you a
      copy of the drama separately. Anyway, Val we're still working on it.
      I have spoken to Joyce a few times, the most recent when our grand-
      daughter Amy went to Melb. for the first time, to meet up with her
      fiance Dean who was on leave from Cerberus Base and I asked if Joyce
      could possibly meet Amy on arrival. Fortunately Joyce was going to
      town to change trains to Pamela's and was able to go early and be there
      for Amy. They had a great time and I was so thankful for that.
      I'm thrilled that you have got on to this site, Val, and so pleased you
      have info on our great uncles. I'd love a copy of any material at all
      that you have. It's been so hard to get anything from the free-sites
      that I've tried up to now. Joyce told me you had moved from McKillop
      St, which was the only address I had for you.
      My e-mail address is -- worthtnk@... ( the "nk"means'and
      Kaye'). I showed Amy and Jill her Mum ( our only daughter) the video
      tape of that wonderful re-union we all had in '89.

      I've had a wonderful breakthru' via the net last Dec, finding that My
      GFather GEORGE WORTH from WA was really GEO STOREY of Bendigo
      b.1872,hence 4 or more generations of our WA mob have all this time
      since 1903 or earlier been under an assumed name that he took on when
      leaving Vic and his family around 1893, never to go back again and
      dying with his secret in Sept 1941. I was 3 at the time and saw him
      give me a weak V-for-Victory just before he died.

      This is on-going currently with my cousin Brian Worth in Canb, and very
      exciting as you can imagine. A whole new identity and family. I have
      started making contact with the BILL TOON fam. and looking to contact
      the SEELEY fam. in Melb. as soon as I can. You wouldn't know of these
      names would you Val ? They are in-law names to the STOREY family.

      I'd better stop this now and carry on later. Wonderful to see your
      posting and look forward to on-going contact again with you. Hope your
      family are well - please let us know about them all Val.

      Love and kindest regards to you all, Trev and Kaye
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