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  • Don Johnston
    Feb 5, 2005

      Well Done Lorna, for those “Johnno’s” who haven’t yet accessed Lorna’s important creation it’s a sensational first for the Johnno’s in the AU/NZ region, the database now comprises five [5] pages and ill grow as time goes on !.


      I can only re-iterate Lorna’s request and it is on a Trust basis! – Please do not alter or change the on-line Database, rather you are free to download it, save it onto your own PC and peruse it at your will, again – if you wish to have changes, modifications, deletions or better still – additions, please email the data to Lorna at snag@...


      Best Wishes

      Don in Melbourne AU



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      From: Jones [mailto:snag@...]
      Saturday, 5 February 2005 4:37 PM
      To: JohnstonAustralia@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [JohnstonAustralia] Database Updated

      Hi Everyone, I have now updated the spreadsheet for February in the 'Files' section on the Group page. The file contains information taken from emails to date. The database is an Excel file; next update will be early March if necessary


      Instead of opening the file, save it to your computer when prompted, and then open from there and use as you wish. Send all changes in written form to the group or to Lorna at snag@.... In order to allow you to sort the file I was unable to add a header row.  Therefore notes are in the form of a footer. Read the footer by either printing the file or clicking on 'print preview'. I have only included information on persons arrived or born in Australasia. Any other relevant information is in the Relationship' column. (e.g.Son 4 indicates he was the son of the person at number 4)
      For those unfamiliar with Excel, instructions to sort the file are:
      1. Firstly click on the column you wish to sort by.
      2. Click on the DATA menu. This will bring up a box.
      3. Choose your sorting criteria.
      4. Click 'Header Row'
      5. Click 'OK'.
      I have sorted by 'firstname' but you might find it useful to sort by 'ship' or 'birthplace'.  To place in families do a sort by 'no.', they will then be displayed in the order in which I have entered them.  Remember, any sorting should be done after you have saved the file to your computer.

      If I have made any errors, or you would like any changes, please let me know. Please contact me if you have any problems.


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