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56[JOHNSTON DNA Genealogy

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  • don johnston
    Dec 1, 2004
      Re-Posted with thanks to Sharyn Hay, the Administrator of the Johnston
      List at Rootsweb. Sharyn was also very supportive of the start up of
      this Group and kindly allowed us to notify the "Johnston-World" of the
      Australian Johnno's Yahoo Group.
      Best Wishes
      Don in Melbourne AU

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      I'm a descendant of Matthew and Frances Belford Johnston, who arrived
      in Westmoreland Co. PA from Belfast in 1799. I see no references to DNA
      genealogy testing on the JOHNSTON mailing list site at Rootsweb. The
      basic tests trace the male line exclusively. Therefore I can't use
      them. I should like to see some JOHNSTONs however participate in these
      tests and share the results on the Rootsweb site. For information log
      onto www.familytreedna.com
      Since many families used the variant spelling both were included in the
      DNA Study.

      Click here: Johnson DNA Chart_