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55Re Group Database

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  • don johnston
    Dec 1, 2004
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      Congratulations Lorna, a task and job very well done !! I'm sure all of
      our erstwhile members appreciate your creation and setting up of the
      Database which can be shared and viewed by all !!!
      Thank You.

      I fully support Lorna's request and trust that the original file WILL
      NOT be altered, changed or tampered with in any way. Lorna's request
      that it be downloaded and then that copy then can be added to or
      upgraded and then re-sent to Lorna so she can then upgrade the Master
      Copy in the "Files" area.

      I'm sure that if you don't feel confident in working on the Excel
      Spreadsheet [that you download] if you send the details in plain text to
      Lorna she'll see to it that the Master Copy will be added to. Lorna's
      email address again is: snag@...

      Best Wishes
      Don in Melbourne