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438A Little Research Reminder...

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  • Don Johnston
    Jan 15, 2011
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      In trying to research and locate spouses and their families we often forget or don’t take into account the simple things of so many years ago, the statements below are a timely research reminder…




      The Paddy Casey Rule:

      In my family history research I constantly make use of the 5-mile rule, i.e. that spouses were usually found within a 5-mile radius of the index person's house because that was the distance a suitor could walk of an evening and, after an evenings courting, get back home in time for a hard day's work the next day.


      The Hugh Weir Rule:

      In another version of this rule which applies to the horse-and-carriage set:

      intermarriages usually occurred within a 20-mile radius, the distance a horse and carriage could easily undertake.


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