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  • Don Johnston
    Jan 30, 2010

      G’day Phil, that’s a very kind offer and one I do hope others in the Group take advantage of, sadly those namesakes aren’t in our Tree and I wait in vain and hope that one day, somewhere and at sometime someone like yourself will contact myself or my cousin Gillian with the same generous offer [I wish…. J].


      Welcome Basil and thanks too for your query, I hope at the least if no-one’s responded direct already that someone soon will, don’t despair no response as many in the Group might not access their emails as rapidly as we presume.


      Best Wishes

      Don Johnston in Melbourne AU



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      Dear Johnston members

      I have recently received a comprehensive family tree tracing the Johnston descendants in Australia commencing with George and Esther. Do not have it electronically unfortunately but happy to provide specific  info if needed


      Phil Johnston

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      Hello there,

      I'm have found your emails very interesting but what I would like to know is why have the Johnstons of Islay not been included in the interest of the Johnstons of Scotland itself. Angus Johnston who immigrated to Australia round about 1835 with his family, became well known in the building of the tramways and a bridge. One of the family members became a mayor. I'm sure there is more information out there from this little band of Johnstons from Islay.

      Many thanks for your ear. Basil Johnston South Africa.

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