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359How Many People Share Your Name?

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  • Don Johnston
    Aug 30, 2008


      The Herald Sun, Melbourne, Australia, August 31 2008.



      If you have wondered how many people in the world share your surname and where they live, here is the answer.


      A new website has mapped about eight million surnames across the globe using data from electoral rolls and telephone directories. The Public Profiler site covers a billion people in 26 countries and shows how far families have scattered.


      The most prevalent surname in Australia is Brown, according to the website. The site also shows the most prevalent first names associated with each last name. Robert is the most common with Brown.


      Yesterday the database crashed as millions of curious web surfers tried to log on. The site, built by University College London, was launched during the week at the Royal Geographical Society annual conference. Site Developer, Prof Paul Longley said it offered a “fresh and vivid picture” of the world. “Users can find the countries, regions and settlements in which their names were originally coined and the parts of North America and Australasia in which they are now concentrated”, he said.


      Go to:  http://www.publicprofiler.org/worldnames1/