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34Re: [JohnstonAustralia] Database added to Group website

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  • Gillian
    Nov 9, 2004
      Hi lorna,
      Many thanks for all your hard work, it will b a greeat asset to
      everyone on the list. Let's hope you have lots of work and it will


      l> Hi Everyone

      l> I am about to post a database to the 'Files' section on the Group
      l> page. It contains information taken from emails to date.  The
      l> database is an Excel file; it will be updated monthly.

      l> Please do not make changes to the file on the webpage.  Instead of
      l> opening the file, save it to your computer when prompted, and then
      l> open from there. Send all changes to the group or to Lorna by email,
      l> snag@....

      l> In order to allow you to sort the file I was unable to add a header
      l> row.  Therefore notes are in the form of a footer. Read the footer
      l> by either printing the file or clicking on 'print preview'.

      l> I have only included information on persons arrived or born in
      l> Australasia. Any other relevant information is in the 'Relationship'
      l> column. (e.g.Son 4 indicates he was the son of the person at number
      l> 4)

      l> For those unfamiliar with Excel, instructions to sort the file are:
      l> 1. Firstly click on the column you wish to sort by.
      l> 2. Click on the DATA menu. This will bring up a box.
      l> 3. Choose your sorting criteria.
      l> 4. Click 'Header Row'
      l> 5. Click 'OK'.

      l> I have sorted by 'firstname' but you might find it useful to sort
      l> by 'ship' or 'birthplace'.  To place in families then do a sort
      l> by 'no.', they will then be displayed in the order in which I have
      l> entered them.  Remember, any sorting should be done after you have
      l> saved the file to your computer.

      l> If I have made any errors, or you would like any changes, please let
      l> me know.  Suggestions would also be appreciated.

      l> Please contact me if you have any problems.

      l> Lorna.

      Dis aliter visum est
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