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  • Les Hewett
    May 16, 2008

      Any listers with links/knowledge of the several well-known and highly regarded Johnston families who were riverboat captains and Murray River pioneers from the 1850s?? Names include: The Moolgewanke was one vessel with a Johnston commander. Other names: Tom Johnstone and his brother Adam, from Port Seton, near Cockenzie, Scotland. Tom came to Australia as a Cadell volunteer on the Lioness; he returned to Scotland but came back with brig Harry. A George Johnston, Toms cousin, died in NZ in 1882, and his body was bought back and buried in Currency Creek cemetery near Goolwa. Tom Johnston died seven years later at Kallara, 184 miles above Willcannia, aboard the Jolly Miller which had been his vessel since 1868. A George Johnstone commanded the vessel Albury. A George Johnston also had the Cadell built as a barge in 1876, and two years later was fitted out as a steamer. Another known for his swimming ability was George Bain Johnston. By 1856 Johnston had saved many people from drowning that he was referred to by reporters as The Murray River Spaniel and received The Royal Humane Society. These extracts from Riverboats by Ian Mudie. This information sought by a descendant of Barclay families of Port Broughton, who also had early Murray River associations. On behalf: Les Hewett, Commissioner, Clan J Assn. inc., Napier, New Zealand.

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