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  • Gillian
    Jan 6, 2008
      Hi Kim -
      it is good to hear from you and that you have such an
      illustrious ancestor. My brother Donald Johnston always liked to
      impress people by saying it was a Johnston who was the first person to
      land in Australia (from the First Fleet) - actuallyYOUR ancestor!

      If they were in NSW, try
      I have had great success there finding NSW relatives.

      If in Victoria

      Both sites allow you to get them online (if you pay, of course!)

      best wishes, Gillian, Adelaide

      Jyc> Hi my maiden name is Kim Johnston.

      Jyc> I've joined this group hoping that someone can help me connect the
      Jyc> dots of my ancestry - or at least point me in the right direction? :)
      Jyc> Any help would really be appreciated.

      Jyc> I know that my Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather was George
      Jyc> Johnston who came over on the First Fleet, and I've discovered the
      Jyc> next generation down - but then I've lost 2 generations from them down
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