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269Some New Johnston/e Names-Does Anyone know them??

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  • kiwi_cat_23
    Jul 2, 2007
      Hi All

      I have just discovered a a group of Footscray, Victoria born
      Johnston/es, and thought i'd list them here just in case someone has
      them in their family. They are all born as Johnstone yet it seems
      just their father has decided to go by this spelling, his parents
      were Johnstons.

      The following were the children of John Lawson Johnstone, who married
      1st wife: Elizabeth Jane Cross, born:1864, married 1893, died 1903.


      John Lawson, born 1895 (ref 3606), Died 1971, Leongatha.

      Thomas Harold, (twin of above? ref: 3607) born 1895, died 1906,

      Bessie, born 1897. Found 2 poss marriages for Bessie, one to Dougall
      McDougall Hardingham, and one to Bennet Joseph Joyce.

      Ellen Jane (Nellie) born 1899, died 1899, Footscray.

      George Hope, born 1900, died 1972, Footscray. (found interesting
      military record for him, enlisted underage under fake name!)

      2nd marriage to:
      Daisy Evelyn Rippon, born 1880, Footscray, died 1924 Footscray.
      Marriage 1904.


      Charles Frederick, born 1905, died 1950 Kew.

      Enid Evelyn, born 1908, Died 1944, East Melbourne.

      Alfred Lawson, born 1910, died 1920 Footscray.

      Alice, born 1911, Poss death for Alice as Alice Baird, 1983. (record
      states: age 72 yrs, parents John and Daisy Johnstone.

      If anyone thinks they have any of these in their family i'd love to
      hear from you!