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256My Johnston Family

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  • kiwi_cat_23
    Apr 9, 2007
      When i first come across my Johnston's while researching my family tree
      it was a wife of my 3x Great Granfather, Alfred J Carlton. Her name was
      Fanny Louise Dudley Johnston. She was born in 1871 in Emerald Hill. Her
      parents were Charles George Johnston and Ellen Jane Jones. Charles was
      born in Cumberland, England. His father was George William Johnston who
      was born about 1801, Dumfries, Scotland. Charles mother was Jane
      Jobson, who was born about 1796, Cumberland. This is as far back as i
      have got so far. There were alot of siblings of Fanny's, and Charles
      also had a few. If anyone is linked to any of these families i would
      love to hear from you, I am very keen to share my research with you!
      Cheers, Cat.