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248RE: [JohnstonAustralia] JOHNSTON(E) of Scottsdale,TAS & Gippsland, VIC

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  • Lorna & Brian Jones
    Feb 4, 2007
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      Hi Kevin
      I meant the Yahoo group site through which you have just posted your message. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JohnstonAustralia/  If you are a member you can view the Files section.
      I have John Johnston who was a coach builder in Hobart.  His wife was Maria Maher.  There are obviously too many of that name!

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      I also have Johnstons in Tasmania.  John Johnston b. 1810 in Scotland.  John Johnston and Jane Johnston were passengers aboard the barque Lochiel.  They arrived at the Port of Hobart 18 September 1833.  The Lochiel left Leith in Scotland 13 April 1833.  John Johnston's occupation was that of a carpenter.
      Another John Johnston ...... to John Alexander Johnston b 1863 Campbelltown, Tasmania ....... but none that match your names Tony.
      Lorna, could you please provide the URL to the JohnstonAustralia Web Page.
      Thanks Kevin
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      Subject: RE: [JohnstonAustralia] JOHNSTON(E) of Scottsdale,TAS & Gippsland, VIC

      Hi Tony
      I have JOHNSTONs in Hobart Tasmania though I can find no relation to yours at the moment.  Details are on the Excel database in the Files section of the JohnstonAustralia webpage.

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      Subject: [JohnstonAustralia] JOHNSTON(E) of Scottsdale,TAS & Gippsland, VIC

      G'day all,
      I have recently decided to rectify my lacking of knowledge of my
      family roots for the benifet of my children.
      I have little knowledge of the JOHNSTON(E) side of the family, this
      due to my mothers divorce from when I was young.
      My scrounging has unearthed a bit from the LDS site, but I feel there
      is more I can unearth.
      I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can steer me in my quest.
      From what I can gather, my JOHNSTONE side come from Midlothian area
      of SCOTLAND.
      I have listed below the basics of my search starting from myself.
      The birth & death dates shown are only applicable to the male side.

      Anthony (Tony) Keith JOHNSTON
      B:05/12/1957 Tatura, Vic

      son of
      Keith Edward Ivan JOHNSTON & Patricia Lorraine DOYLE

      son of
      Keith Oswald Reginald JOHNSTON & Caroline HOGAN
      B:10/03/1909 Scottsdale, Tas
      D:12/01/1987 Traralgon, Vic

      son of
      William JOHNSTONE & Alice HAYWOOD
      B:08/01/1870 Scottsdale, Tas
      D:11/01/1954 Kangaroo Flat, Vic

      son of
      William JOHNSTONE & Jane Chisholm GREIG
      B:04/01/1835 Scotland
      D:13/12/1899 Scottsdale, Tas

      cheers all, and in advance thank you
      Tony JOHNSTON

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