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245JOHNSTON(E) of Scottsdale,TAS & Gippsland, VIC

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  • Tony Johnston
    Feb 4, 2007
      G'day all,
      I have recently decided to rectify my lacking of knowledge of my
      family roots for the benifet of my children.
      I have little knowledge of the JOHNSTON(E) side of the family, this
      due to my mothers divorce from when I was young.
      My scrounging has unearthed a bit from the LDS site, but I feel there
      is more I can unearth.
      I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can steer me in my quest.
      From what I can gather, my JOHNSTONE side come from Midlothian area
      of SCOTLAND.
      I have listed below the basics of my search starting from myself.
      The birth & death dates shown are only applicable to the male side.

      Anthony (Tony) Keith JOHNSTON
      B:05/12/1957 Tatura, Vic

      son of
      Keith Edward Ivan JOHNSTON & Patricia Lorraine DOYLE

      son of
      Keith Oswald Reginald JOHNSTON & Caroline HOGAN
      B:10/03/1909 Scottsdale, Tas
      D:12/01/1987 Traralgon, Vic

      son of
      William JOHNSTONE & Alice HAYWOOD
      B:08/01/1870 Scottsdale, Tas
      D:11/01/1954 Kangaroo Flat, Vic

      son of
      William JOHNSTONE & Jane Chisholm GREIG
      B:04/01/1835 Scotland
      D:13/12/1899 Scottsdale, Tas

      cheers all, and in advance thank you
      Tony JOHNSTON
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