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233Re: [JohnstonAustralia] FW: Gavin Petrie's "Ships to New Zealand" website

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  • Chris Baker
    Aug 26, 2006
      Having lots of trouble with my email. I am now using christinebaker58@... Can anyone help me change my address? Not getting much research done with all these hassles. Cheers, Chris

      Les Hewett <ljhewett@...> wrote:

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      From: Denise & Peter [mailto:dapw@.... nz]
      Sent: Friday, 25 August 2006 8:47 p.m.
      To: NEW-ZEALAND- L@rootsweb. com
      Subject: Gavin Petrie's "Ships to New Zealand" website

      Good evening everyone.

      Wishing you all a pleasant evening (or morning, daytime etc depending on
      where you are in the world).

      We would like to make mention, for those of you undertaking New Zealand
      research who are not already aware of this site, the pages put together by
      Gavin Petrie. As early New Zealand researchers we appreciate these pages
      more than we can say and Gavin has done an excellent job in compiling
      information on the thousands of shipping arrivals at New Zealand ports
      between c1840 and 1900 (with a little bit either way). If you have a query
      about a ship we would suggest that the first place to look is "Ships to New
      Zealand" which you will find at
      http://freepages. genealogy. rootsweb. com/~shipstonz/ shipstonz. htm Many of
      Gavin's entries have links to other sites where the passenger lists are kept
      but not only has Gavin collected all this "arrival" information for his site
      he has taken steps to provide some of his own passenger lists.

      Thanks Gavin. You have done a great thing for New Zealand researchers.

      Denise & Peter
      Wellington, New Zealand
      http://freepages. genealogy. rootsweb. com/~ourstuff

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