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  • Jones
    Jul 2, 2005
      Nice Ad Don!

      From: JohnstonAustralia@yahoogroups.com [mailto:JohnstonAustralia@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Don Johnston
      Sent: Saturday, 2 July 2005 9:54 PM
      To: Group Johnston
      Subject: [JohnstonAustralia] Re - Clan Johnston/e

      G’day all thought it an appropriate time to update the Group on some great Networking news.


      Des Johnstone the Commissioner of the Clan Johnston/e in Australia called me recently [Whilst I was slipping into a latte on the Gold Coast on an 8 day break and where I’d caught the flu on arrival at Coolangatta – Truly ! – LOL!].  Anyway Des spoke for a little while and as the previous Editor for the Clan [Ruth I know you’re out there and I hope the healing is going ahead in leaps and bounds] offered me the vacant position as Editor, my lovely bride Dianne [My Bride of many years !] was with me, overheard the conversation- as any wife would, looked me in the eyes and raised her eyebrows in a gesture of “NO” but being a bloke with a Johnston surname, well, I mean….


      Yep, so this bloke is a chuffed Editor of the Clan Johnston/e in Australia, now I can see that as only confirmation that Genealogy Networking really works, this Group was created freely for anyone to join and share [I mean if your surname is Smith you’d have to ask a question eh] and both Gillian and my philosophy has always been to be transparent and to share freely, I mean, why not eh, the more you share the more chances of not only a “Hit” but of learning more, genealogically, culturally, or whatever.


      But there’s more and here’s the Spiel, the “Word” if you like.


      I do understand that many in this wondrous Group are already members of the Clan Johnston/e in Australia, so just ignore my waffle.


      Listen to this ! – For $20.00, Twenty Australian Dollars, you become a Member of Clan Johnston/e in Australia, ironically probably the most active of any Johnston/e Internet based Clan, worldwide.  Now that @AU20.00 is as cheap as the 12 [2 six packs of the wondrous Coopers Stout Stubbies I slipped into this week]


      But there’s more, for that you get posted to your home mailbox [only caus Australia Post won’t deliver it into your hand] 4 [four] time a year a Clan Johnston/e Newsletter, up to 30 pages of reading of Johnston/e stuff].  Then you also will be exposed to the ability of, if you want, buying some special Johnston/e memorabila too.  [I’ve just bought 3 Caps to give to my 29+ year old kiddies – LOL!!]


      I can hear you saying “Gee He’s on a sell mission” – You bet cause I’m writing up the Newsletter, Gillian [She’s offered and I’ll take her up on that] is inputting too, the next issue can be delivered to your home in September, and I know what’s in it!


      In all seriousness though, and for the amount, and it does include news items from our kindred people in New Zealand too, it is a token payment, a really small investment for a special belonging feeling.


      Now, here’s the catch, if you get a feel of “Belonging” I’d more than welcome your written input to the Magazine”, Lorna has done such a sensational job of keeping our Database up to date and I’m lamenting that work is a priority [Don’t we all….]


      By the way the Clan also has a Database too, Des has developed it over many years and it’s no cost to input too, take advantage of it!  Lastly there is no other cost, no hidden costs, nothing at all but I must be honest I am trying to convince the Clan tat costs must increase, I’d like to see a cheap, a real cheap cost of say $30.00 per year, per 52 weeks, and colour can be put into the Clan Magazine.


      That’s the Spiel, I’ve uploaded the Clan Johnston/e Application Form into our File area, or, if it’s easier just email me “Off-List” and I can end it as an attachment.


      Lastly I do encourage anyone to consider joining, I personally can’t believe how chap it is!


      Best Wishes

      Don in Melbourne AU



      The Clan Johnston/e Association of Australia Webmaster, Selwyn Johnston has kindly added our Group url on their web site Link at:



      The Clan Johnston/Johnstone Association [UK] Commissioner, Cecil Johnson who resides at Johnson Hall in Co. Durham, UK has kindly added our Group url on their web site Link at:



      Still awaiting feedback from my request to Alan Kent-Johnstone the Clan Commissioner of the Clan Johnston/e Association of New Zealand [http://johnston_nz.tripod.com ] and both the Clan Johnston in America [http://www.johnstons.org/clan/cja1.html ] and their mirror site [http://www.johnstons.org/ ] seem to be inactive and not really operating.


      Co-Moderator: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CampbellsAustralia

      Co-Moderator: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JohnstonAustralia

      Co-Moderator: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Irishancestorsgroup

      Ours:              http://www.geocities.com/johnstonoz/

      Editor:            Clan Johnston/e Assn' of Australia


      Co Admin':

      NIRE Genweb   http://www.rootsweb.com/~nirantri/

      CO' Antrim                            


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