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Fan Fic: Past Love, Uncertain Future Chapter (6/17)

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    Title: Past Love, Uncertain Future Rating: N/A Content: Love, Hate, Mild Sex, Mind Games and Manipulation Distribution: Please Ask First Characters: (Non
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      Title: Past Love, Uncertain Future
      Rating: N/A
      Content: Love, Hate, Mild Sex, Mind Games and Manipulation
      Distribution: Please Ask First
      Characters: (Non Wrestling) Skyler and Ryan (Wrestlers) Triple H, Shawn
      Michaels, Randy Orton & the McMahon Family. Also some minor parts from
      Disclaimer: To Each Their Own
      WARNINGS: There may be some mild language, sexual reference and sex
      Summary by Chapter: Vince offers Skyler a job within WWE but does she make
      the right choice?

      Past Love, Uncertain Future � Chapter 6


      Skyler took two aspirins and slammed the glass of water down on the kitchen
      top. She then leant over her breakfast bar nursing her hangover after
      drinking her problems away the night before with Hunter. Suddenly the phone
      started ringing and Skyler searched frantically to stop the loud piercing
      rings she finally found it and picked it up.

      �Hello�Hey Daddy�Nothing much�Sure I guess I could�Why?...Ok well I have
      something to do but I�ll get the first flight out as soon as I�m done�Ok see
      you later Daddy�Love you�

      Skyler hung up the phone and reluctantly walked over to her door she
      retrieved her keys out of the bowl on her coffee table and walked out of the
      apartment. Skyler headed down the stairs and outside where she unlocked her
      car and got inside. She started up the car and drove away.

      A Little While Later�

      Skyler parked up outside Ryan�s apartment building and looked up to see her
      sister sat on her fire escape staring into space. She locked the car and
      entered the apartment building and made her way up to the top floor and let
      herself into Ryan�s apartment. She walked over to the window and stuck her
      head out. Ryan was completely aware of her company but didn�t acknowledge
      her sister being there.

      �Ry come on this is ridiculous. I�m not hanging out with Hunter to spite you
      he�s just been�there� Ryan ignored her sister and Skyler sighed with
      frustration �Ryan! This is so childish. Will you just talk to me?�

      �Get out� said Ryan standing up and climbing in through the window. Skyler
      stood up and followed her sister who walked over to the door and opened it
      for Skyler to leave.

      �I�m not going anywhere Ryan we need to talk about this�

      Ryan slammed the door shut and approached her sister.

      �Ok let�s talk� she said getting in Skyler�s face

      �I shouldn�t have said what I did about you. I just got angry and I took it
      out on the wrong person I know that anything you do is in my best interest
      and I should be thankful that I have someone looking out for me but Hunter
      had been there all afternoon with me and just sat listening to me
      complaining about Shawn and then you come in and attacked him and I just
      felt bad for him because he�d been so sweet to me and you walking in was
      like a huge smack in the face to him�

      �That was your attempt at an apology? Saying sorry for what you�d said but
      still making out I�m in the wrong? I did nothing wrong Skye. I�m the only
      one who is trying to help you but the first sign of sweetness or compassion
      from even the most ruthless people and you assume they�ve changed. It�s like
      you�ve forgotten everything he ever did wrong to you while you were dating.
      Skyler you are my best friend and my sister and it broke my heart to see you
      heartbroken over that jackass and I refuse to go through it again and I will
      do whatever I have to do to make sure you never go through it again either.
      I�m running out of ideas I don�t know what else I can do to make you see him
      and Vince for what they are. They�re using you; they�re taking advantage of
      your trusting nature so they can manipulate you�and all this so that Hunter
      can claim his stake in the company and so that Shawn is pushed out. If you
      can�t do this for me then at least do it for the man you love the man who
      asked you to marry him. You�re going to lose him if you don�t�

      Skyler stood silent for a moment and then stared at her sister with a mixed
      look of confusion and disgust.

      �Ryan did you ever think that maybe you�re the weak one and not me? Did you
      ever think that maybe just maybe it�s possible for someone to change their
      ways? You see things at face value and won�t give them the chance to change.
      People grow, isn�t there the slightest possible chance that Hunter has
      changed? I know I�ve changed since we�ve broke up and you know that too so
      why can�t he change?�

      �I�m not saying he can�t I�m saying he hasn�t he�s still using you three
      years after you�ve broken up and he�s still after the same thing he was when
      you were dating a way into the family so he can get his share in the
      company. That�s all he cares about and that�s all he�s ever cared about. And
      whether you�re dating him or not he is going to hurt you all over again and
      you�re going end up in the same place you were last time. At home behind
      closed doors crying and alone, Hunter and Vince are out to break you and
      Shawn up and you being so damn gullible is making it so much easier for them
      and the only ones going to get hurt are you and Shawn. Hunters being your
      best friend, your confidant and he�s going to continue to be your shoulder
      to cry on until he has you believing that Shawn isn�t worth it then you�re
      going to break up with Shawn and run into Hunters loving arms and he wins.
      Why can�t you see it? You�re a smart person but you�re so dumb at times�

      �You�re right I am, I�m so stupid for thinking that I could talk any sense
      into you�

      Skyler then pushed passed her sister and left. Ryan stood calmly for a
      moment before suddenly exploding with rage as she smacked a vase off her
      coffee table the contents flying across the room and the vase smashing into
      a million pieces at her feet.


      Skyler arrived home in a furious rage she stormed into her apartment
      slamming the door behind her she walked into her bedroom took her case out
      of the closet threw it on the bed and started throwing clothes into it. She
      forced her case shut and placed it on the floor. She then threw what she
      needed into her handbag threw it on her shoulder and walked out of the
      apartment with her case rolling behind her.


      Skyler pulled into the parking garage at WWE Headquarters and made her way
      up to see Vince. She walked out of the elevator and smiled and said hello to
      the receptionist who told her to go straight in as Vince was expecting her.
      Skyler following the receptionist�s directions knocked on Vince�s office
      door but without an invite opened the door and walked in to see Vince sat
      with one of his many attorneys.

      �Oh sorry I�ll come back�

      �No, no Skyler come on in and take a seat� Skyler followed her fathers
      instructions �Roger can you give me a few minutes with my daughter please
      and I�ll call you back in� said Vince walking Roger to the door. Vince
      returned to his desk and sat down and looked over at his daughter with a
      smile on his face. Skyler began to feel a little uneasy as the silence

      �So?� she asked hoping to start a conversation with her strangely mute


      The silence filled the air once again and Skyler once more tried to initiate
      a conversation.

      �Daddy I didn�t come all this way to sit here staring at you�

      �You look happy�

      �I do?� she asked with confusion

      �Yeah, in fact you�ve not looked this happy in a long time�

      �Are you trying to say I�m miserable?� Skyler joked

      �He makes you happy doesn�t he?�

      �Who?� she asked wondering which �he� her father meant


      �Oh�of course he makes me happy�

      �Then I�m happy for you�

      �You are?�

      �Yes I have to admit I was a little sceptical to begin with but you have to
      understand what a shock it was for me��

      �I do�

      ��I�ve known Shawn for a long time and I never once thought I�d be put in
      this predicament of having to graciously give him my daughter�s hand. My
      little girl and the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, it�s surreal to me�

      �He isn�t the Heartbreak Kid to me he�s just Shawn�

      �I know and that�s why I�ve finally come to terms with it and I just wanted
      to tell you that I am so happy for you and Shawn�

      �Thank you Daddy� she said standing up walking around the desk and kissing
      her father on the cheek

      �I do have some qualms about it though�

      �Like what?�

      �I saw you with Hunter through the good and the bad times and I saw your
      heart break and I didn�t want to see you go through that again with Shawn�

      �Daddy what I had with Hunter is completely different to what I have with

      �You and Hunter broke up because he was always on the road and leaving you

      �It was more than just that�

      �Skyler please stop pretending�

      �Ok so that was the main problem in our relationship bu��

      �And the one thing your relationship with Shawn has in common. Shawn is a
      wrestler and he�s going to be on the road just like Hunter but the
      difference is you�ve accepted Shawn�s marriage proposal. I don�t want his
      travelling to be a reason for your divorce�

      �We�re not even married yet and you�re talking about our divorce?�

      �I�m discussing something that marriage isn�t going to change. He�s going to
      travel when you�re married and it�s just going to get harder as time goes

      �I thought you were happy for me?�

      �I am and that�s why I want to help. Why I want to make sure that the whole
      Hunter situation doesn�t happen again. I just want to protect you, you�re my
      little angel�

      Skyler looked at her dad with scepticism and returned to her seat ready to
      listen to her father�s idea.


      �I want to offer you a job�

      �A job?�

      �Yes within the company. Now I know you always said you didn�t want to be
      apart of the family business and I respect your decision. You want to make
      it on your own and I am extremely proud of you for doing so. However Skyler
      I do believe that this is the best option for both you and Shawn�

      �What�s the job?�

      �I would like to work you on screen�

      �On screen are you kidding?�

      �No we�re ready for a General Manager change and you�re new but exciting and
      also a McMahon. It will be a fresh approach and hopefully the fans will like

      �I don�t know Daddy it�s the complete opposite instead of never seeing him
      I�ll always be seeing him and maybe living and working together is just too

      �Skyler sweetie if you get tired of each other you can always take a break
      but if you miss each other I can�t just put the show on hold and send him
      back to you. Which would you rather have a husband you can be with or a
      husband who you never see? I�ll give you a moment to think about this� said
      Vince leaving Skyler alone.

      Skyler sat and thought about her choices. Her dad was right if they grew
      tired of each other they could always have a break from one another, which
      had to be better than them not seeing each other at all. Skyler also hoped
      that their being together would stop all the confusion she�d been having
      over Hunter in the past week. She knew she loved Shawn and that she and
      Hunter were over but if this last week was a preview of the rest of her life
      as Mrs Skyler Michaels she knew she had to do something drastic because she
      couldn�t live like that. Vince returned with Roger and sat down with Skyler.

      �Have you made a decision?� asked Vince

      Skyler looked at her dad and nodded her head. Roger placed the papers on the
      desk in front of Skyler and rested the pen on top. Skyler sat and looked at
      the papers in front of her and had last minute second thoughts, wondering if
      by signing those papers would she be signing her life away with Shawn or
      would she be signing up for a happy life with the man she loved? Skyler
      sighed and anxiously picked up the pen and signed on the dotted line. All
      there was to do now was sit back and wait to see whether she�d made the
      right decision or not.


      Skyler and Vince arrived in Minneapolis by private jet and their limo took
      them to the arena. Skyler hated this entire lifestyle the private jet, the
      limo, the special treatment. It was the main reason she didn�t want any part
      of the family business as far as she was concerned she was no better than
      anyone else and she wasn�t going to pretend she was unlike other members of
      her family. This was also the reason that she and Ryan got along so great
      because Ryan�s way of thinking was exactly the same of Skylers the only
      difference being that Ryan despised Vince. She always said that Vince
      thought he was greater than God and that he was happy as long as no one
      tried to show him up and as long as everybody did what they were told and
      kissed his ass along the way. This was why Ryan turned into the rebel she
      was, anything that Daddy wanted Ryan went right ahead and did the opposite.
      She wouldn�t allow herself to become another person for Vince to walk all
      over. Skyler although she didn�t agree with Ryan�s perception of her father
      admired Ryan for standing up for herself and not giving into the pressure
      that came with being a McMahon. Skyler and Vince made their way into the
      arena and Skyler walked steps behind her father with uncertainties
      spiralling in her troubled head. She followed Vince and watched as people
      immediately approached him informing him of things, asking him questions and
      taking orders from him.

      �Skyler we�re going to introduce you tonight� he said as he continued to


      �Yes tonight so go to make up and find an outfit�

      Skyler stopped and watched her dad walk away and people ushered her towards
      the make up department.


      No Chance In Hell hit the PA and Vince strutted out from the backstage area
      and commandeered the stage, the ramp and the ring. Suddenly everything
      became about him and his almighty presence. The crowd screamed with a mixed
      ovation some booing the evil genius and others cheering a callous
      mastermind. As the crowd grew quieter Vince took hold of a mic and waited
      for complete silence and everyone�s full attention before speaking.

      �Minneapolis, Minnesota you are in for one hell of a show tonight. Here
      tonight you�re going to witness history in the making. Frankly of all the
      cities in the world this would be my last choice to make this amazing

      Loud boos echoed through the arena

      �But I just couldn�t keep this bottled up any longer. After firing that
      incompetent little man Eric Bischoff and after many weeks of searching for a
      suitable replacement I have finally found the one and only person who is
      perfect enough to take control of RAW and it�s roster. This person is
      someone who isn�t afraid to speak their mind and who isn�t going to back
      down when someone confronts them. This person is someone who has the brains
      and creativity to take RAW to the extreme and still keep pushing it. This is
      a person who truly does care what the fans want, what the fans need and this
      person is not going to stop trying until the fans are happy. This person is
      going to shake RAW right down to its foundations. So ladies and gentleman
      I�m proud to introduce the new RAW General Manager�Skyler McMahon!!�

      �McMahon?� screeched King

      As RAW�s music hit a nervous but determined Skyler walked out onto the stage
      to a mixed ovation some cheering for the new face and some booing at the
      McMahon name. Skyler made her way down to the ring to join her father. She
      kissed Vince in the middle of the ring and he handed her the mic. She stood
      in the centre of the ring and raised the mic up to her lips.

      �I�m shocked how you people can judge me without knowing me. You assume
      because I�m a McMahon that I�m the bad guy? Well let me make a few things
      clear then�� Skyler turned and looked at Vince ��Daddy you may have hired me
      because I�m family but don�t think that I�m going to run this show how you
      deem fit. You signed RAW over to me and I�m going to do what�s best for the
      show, the superstars and the fans. Not what Vince McMahon wants me to do�

      Vince stood with a stern face as he looked at his daughter and then tilted
      his head and nodded.


      Hunter walked out of his locker room and began to make his way to the
      curtain. The impromptu show changes meant that Hunter knew there was a new
      GM storyline but he didn�t know whom that new GM was. Hunter walked through
      the back with his game face on ready to rush through the curtains and
      intimidate the new GM but as he walked past the monitors in the backstage
      area he heard a familiar voice.

      �So tonight throw out your programs because we�re doing this show from

      Hunter stopped and stared at the monitor and stood in complete awe as he saw
      Skyler standing in the ring with the mic in her hand. Hunter stood
      motionless and speechless for a minute before continuing to the curtain
      where he was given the short and tall of the night�s events. In the ring
      Skyler continued to announce matches for the evening and she grew closer to
      the WWE Heavyweight Championship match announcement. Just then Triple H�s
      music hits the PA and Hunter makes his way out from behind the curtain. He
      makes his way to the ring and commandeers the spotlight taking his sweet
      time in Triple H fashion. The lights finally came on and Hunter got in
      Skyler�s face and snatched the mic away from her. He stared at Skyler for a
      moment and turned his attention to Vince.

      �Of all the people in the world you could have chosen you chose Skyler? If
      you wanted you company to fail there is a locker room full of brain dead
      divas who could run this show better than Skyler and they�d look a lot
      better whilst doing it�

      Skyler snatched the mic out of Triple H�s hand causing The Game to get

      �Of all the people in the world you could have chosen you chose Triple H?
      Daddy how this pathetic excuse of a wrestler and a err�man got the
      opportunity to fight for the WWE Championship I�ll never know. There is a
      locker room full of talented wrestlers something Triple H wouldn�t know very
      much about who could hold that title with the respect it should be held with
      and they�d look a lot better whilst doing it. That championship in your
      hands is nothing more than a joke. A guy who to my recollection has never
      won a match by himself or without cheating is the last person I would want
      as my champion and who I�m sure these people would want as there�s�

      �Just hold on a minute�� said Triple H collecting a mic from the ring
      announcer ��To your recollection? So we�re going by the recollection of a
      McMahon who never wanted to be in this business, of a person who never
      watches the show and of a woman who knows as little about wrestling as she
      does about running this show. As the champ I find myself surrounded by
      people who just want to help me, or just want to be in the presence of

      �What happened did they get lost?�

      �Yeah they dropped by your office first and realised you were a joke�

      �And you�re the best they could find?�

      �Once they found me their search was over sweetheart. A champion isn�t
      someone who plays by the rules a champion is someone who does whatever it
      takes to win and who will fight until their last breath to retain that
      championship. So it doesn�t matter how I won or defended this championship
      the fact is I did what it took to win and retain it and that Angel is why I
      am the best WWE Champion in history�

      �Nice choice of words�they�re very fitting for tonight. Triple H, WWE
      Champion, history. Because tonight Triple H your reign as WWE Champion is
      going to be history because this �Night of Champions� themed show means that
      all Champions will defend their championships right here, live in
      Minneapolis, Minnesota. Your match is undoubtedly the main event, the match
      we all want to see and I think that majority rules that we want to see you
      lose and a new WWE Champion be crowned here tonight. And the only way I can
      guarantee that you�ll lose is by making sure that you have no little helpers
      out here tonight so the entire locker room is barred from ringside. If
      anyone even attempts to get to the ring during your match whether to help
      you or your opponent they will be suspended indefinitely. And to make it a
      little more interesting your match here tonight will be confined to the
      ring. Your match tonight will be a Steel Cage Match but with a difference.
      The cage walls here tonight are not going to be used as a way out, neither
      is the door. Instead the door will remain bolted shut and the walls will be
      used for whatever painful means you and your opponent see fit. The only way
      of winning in tonight�s Steel Cage Match is by pin fall or submission but
      neither you nor your opponent will be allowed out of the cage until a pin
      fall or submission takes place. And if either one of you leaves the cage by
      your own choice you forfeit the match and Triple H, champ�if you forfeit the
      match you forfeit your title�

      Triple H grew even more enraged as Vince tried to calm him down

      �Now onto your opponent. In a champion I would like to see passion,
      intensity, integrity, aggression and above all else�a man who doesn�t need
      his minions to fight for him. I went through the locker room with a fine
      toothcomb and I ended up with a pathetic number of superstars who have all
      those qualities above and by process of elimination I�m down to one
      superstar, one man, one champion in my eyes�Your opponent here tonight is
      the one and only�JOHN CENA!!�

      Triple H now livid tried to attack the new General Manager but was
      restrained by Vince. Skyler with a satisfied smile on her face left the ring
      and made her way to the back to a standing ovation from a very happy crowd
      in Minneapolis.


      Skyler was handed a bottle of water as people walked over to her
      congratulating her on a job well done. Hunter and Vince returned to the
      backstage area and Vince kissed his daughter with approval and left. Hunter
      picked up a bottle of water and walked over to Skyler who was surrounded by
      people. He waited for them to leave and then found himself alone with


      �Hi� she replied with a smile

      �You did an excellent job out there�

      �Thanks I really had fun. I didn�t think I would but man it was crazy�

      �Yeah it is and you�ve got the genes and talent for this business, you did
      an excellent job�

      �You already said that�

      �Yeah well I just wanted to make sure you heard me�

      �I heard you�

      �Well I�ll see you in a while ok?�


      Hunter left a kiss on Skyler�s cheek as he walked away. A confused Hunter
      made his way to Vince�s office and walked in to find a crowded room. Vince
      dismissed everyone from the room to leave him and Hunter to talk.

      �Well?� asked Vince seeking Hunters approval as he closed the door

      �Why didn�t you tell me you were doing this?�

      �I thought you�d play a more believable �stunned to see her� if you didn�t
      know and you did flawlessly�

      �Vince you�re a genius I stand by my words but how do you see this working?
      Bringing her here to spend more time with Shawn is guna make it a little
      harder don�t you think?� Vince handed Hunter some papers, which he read and
      smiled at. �Are you serious?� he asked


      �Does Skyler know about this?�

      �They�re informing her right now�

      �You really are a genius Vince� he said shaking his hand



      Triple H picked up a limp John Cena and grated his already bloody head
      against the cage walls and dropped him in a heap. Just then Skyler made her
      way out and walked to the ring and looked up at Triple H who looked back
      down at Skyler smirking at his accomplishment. He trash talked Skyler and
      turned to continue his abuse on Cena but from out of nowhere Cena fought
      back and hit Triple H with a low blow Cena looking for the quick pin rolled
      him up for 1�2�Triple H kicked out. Triple H rolled in one direction tending
      to his pain and a distorted Cena pulled his way up on the ropes. Cena clung
      onto the ropes trying to gather himself as Triple H made his way back to his
      feet. He walked over to Cena and dragged him into the middle of the ring and
      set him up for the Pedigree but Cena countered and threw Hunter over his
      back. Cena fell to bended knee before clawing his way up against the ropes.
      Triple H was back to his feet and launched to hit Cena with a clothesline
      which Cena ducked on his return he kicked Triple H in the abdomen and set
      Triple H up for the FU�On the outside Skyler had the door on the cage
      unlocked and she made her way into the ring where Cena had Triple H hoisted
      on his shoulders. She walked in behind Cena and hit him with a low blow from
      behind. Cena dropped to his knees and Triple H was dropped onto the mat. He
      made his way to his feet and pulled Skyler out of the way and grabbed Cena
      by the head and hit him with hard right hands. Triple H let go of a beaten
      Cena who fell into an exhausted heap on the ground. Triple H walked over to
      Skyler and pressed his forehead against hers with a devilish smile on his
      face. Triple H then dipped in and kissed Skyler on the lips before returning
      to a fallen Cena. Triple H arrogantly grabbed Cena and pulled him up to his
      feet and underestimating his opponent took his time in executing his
      finishing move�Before Triple H could set up the Pedigree Cena began to fight
      back and he charged into Triple H�s midsection slamming him into the
      turnbuckles. Cena then started attacking with a series of kicks taking the
      champ down to the floor where he continued to kick him for moments more. He
      then turned around and the crowd screamed as they thought as one with the
      challenger. Cena approached the new RAW GM and Skyler backed herself into
      the corner where Cena picked her up and stood ready to hit her with the FU.
      Triple H got back to his feet hit Cena from behind sending Cena flying to
      the ground and Skyler going along with him. Triple H dragged Cena to his
      feet and hit him hard in the face sending Cena down to the mat. Triple H
      then took brass knucks off his hand and gave them to Skyler as he checked on
      her at the ropes. He then turned around pulled an unconscious Cena up and
      finally and successfully executed the Pedigree. Triple H pinned Cena but the
      referee stood idle not knowing whether to count the pin or not. Skyler
      screamed for the referee to count the pin and reluctantly he did so�1�2�3

      Triple H retained the WWE Championship, which he grabbed from the referee
      before attending to Skyler. He pulled her to her feet and the duo stood
      proud in the middle of the ring as they stood over a beaten Cena. Triple H
      raised the championship belt as the crowd booed the double cross and Triple
      H and Skyler celebrated with a lingering kiss as RAW went off the air.


      Hunter and Skyler made their way backstage leaving an excited crowd behind
      them. As they got through the curtains Skyler pulled away from Hunter who
      sat down on the nearest thing to catch his breath. He smiled at an uneasy
      Skyler knowing that the kiss they�d shared although for storyline purposes
      was bothering her.

      �It was for the storyline�

      �What was?�

      �The kiss�

      �Oh I know I wasn�t thinking about that�

      �Oh no?�

      �No I wasn�t�

      �Who are you kidding Angel? You�re either thinking WOW that was amazing��
      Skyler shot him a look �Or oh my God what will Shawn think?�

      �You think you know everything don�t you? Shawn is all about this business
      and he�ll be fine with this its fiction Hunter. And I wasn�t even thinking
      about the kiss and how dare you assume I was�

      �Alright I�m sorry I got it wrong. I�m guna go get showered maybe I�ll see
      you later�

      Triple H left and Skyler leant against the wall and sighed. She didn�t know
      why she pulled away from Hunter or why she was sighing. The kiss was for
      storyline purposes only and she knew that and more than that she knew Shawn
      would understand. The thing that bothered her the most was the feeling of
      sadness she got when Hunter broke the kiss. Skyler closed her eyes hoping it
      would block out the moment but it didn�t and then a single tear fell down
      her cheek as she stood loathing herself.

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