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Events at Jing Ying Institute this week

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    Women s Self Defense Session February 16, 23, March 1 7-8 pm Just a reminder that Thursday is the start of our Women s Self Defense Session, 7-8pm. We will
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      Women's Self Defense Session
      February 16, 23, March 1
      7-8 pm

      Just a reminder that Thursday is the start of our Women's Self Defense Session, 7-8pm. We will meet for three consecutive Thursdays. Only $30 for 3 weeks!

      This is the perfect workshop for women and (teens and older) interested in learning important skills for protecting themselves. For effective self-defense, you need much more than fighting skills. You need a personal protection plan that will help you avoid trouble, easily escape a bad situation, or if all else fails, fight back effectively.

      We will help you develop your personal protection plan by discussing safe practices and by demonstrating and teaching simple but effective techniques for escaping an aggressor or fighting back. The emphasis will be on protecting your safety. You will not be taught complicated self-defense techniques that will be forgotten under stress when you need them most. Instead, you will learn basic principles that are easily applied in a variety of situations.


      Free PE Class
      Friday, February 17

      We provide PE classes on Friday, 10:30-11:30am. This Friday, we will have a free introductory class.

      Open to ages 5 to adult. This is a low pressure, noncompetitive, but physically rigorous class that's creatively orchestrated and a lot of fun.

      The class combines warm ups and stretches from Chinese martial arts, tai chi, yoga, and general fitness activities followed by numerous races, games, and group activities for a one hour class that keeps them coming back for more. (It is not a martial arts class).

      On February 24, an 8-week session will begin. The cost is only $50 for the 8-week session and generous discounts are given for additional family members.

      For more information and to register on-line, go to:

      Nancy Greer
      Jing Ying Institute of Kung Fu & Tai Chi

      Facebook: www.Facebook.com/JingYingInstitute
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