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St Johns School demo for charity, make up pre-test, and tai chi workshop

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  • Billy Greer
    This Saturday, Nov 8, we will participate in the charity fundraiser for the St John School at 669 Ritchie Highway (the corner of Cypress Creek Rd and Ritchie
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2008
      This Saturday, Nov 8, we will participate in the charity fundraiser for the
      St John School at 669 Ritchie Highway (the corner of Cypress Creek Rd and
      Ritchie Highway). Their Fall Gala will have a New York theme and we will be
      there to help represent Chinatown. We'll need lion dance performers and
      people for kung fu forms or weapons. We'll leave from Jing Ying at 6:00 pm
      or you can meet directly at the St John School a little after 6:00 pm. We
      plan to do about a 20 minute performance at 6:30 pm and repeat it at 7:00
      pm. There will be a cash bar, food and entertainment representing different
      parts of New York City, and a silent auction.

      Also, if you want to test this month (Nov 22 at 11:00 am), your last chance
      to pre-test is on Tuesday Nov 11 at 5:00 pm for kids and 7:00 pm for kids or
      adults. You must be approved at pre-testing in order to test for

      Tai Chi enthusiasts will have the opportunity to train with one of the "4
      diamonds" of taiji. Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei Workshop Nov 15 & Nov 16
      Washington D.C.

      Topic: New Frame Canon Fist Xinjia Paochui or Erlu
      Rare offer of the New Frame Canon Fist Routine (Xinjia Erlu or Paochui) by
      Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei!
      While in the Yilu or First Routine, whether Old  or New Frame, you train to
      cultivate qi and the rou (softness), in the Second Routine or Paochui, you
      learn to acquire the expressiveness of Taijiquan power or jin. You can also
      think of the Erlu Routine as training to bring out the gongfu (the power and
      skills of the art), while the Yilu Routine as the gongfu jia, that is, the
      basic training routine to xia gongfu (to attain gongfu of the art). In this
      sense, the Paochui Routine and the Yilu Routine complement one another.

      Learning and practicing the Erlu or Paochui Routine is essential to your
      Taijiquan training. It will reinforce your insights of the Yilu training,
      and the understanding why you spend such an inordinate amount of time to
      develop the rou (softness) of the art. You will gain an experiential
      appreciation of how through rou (softness), you express and develop gang
      (hardness, i.e. the power), that is to taste the true yin-yang flavors of
      jin (internal strength)!

      The purpose of the workshop is not to cram learning all the movements in two
      days, but to lead you into the practice and understanding of the gang
      (hardness/power) in Taijiquan, so is suitable for any enthusiasts of the
      THIS IS A MUST-ATTEND WORKSHOP for anyone who seeks higher levels of the

      Sat Nov 15 and Sun Nov 16
      9:00 am to 12:00 noon morning sessions
      1:30 pm to 4:30 pm afternoon sessions.

      Fees: $245.00 for two days, $145 for one day.
      Late Registration Fee: $25.00 applies if not paid before Nov 5 2008.
      At Door Registration Penalty Additional Charge: $25.00
      Place: Bretton River Road, 15700 River Road, Germantown, MD, 20874.
      Tel: 301-299-8116 or 240-447-8134
      Email: cpong@...
      Make checks/payments to: C.P.Ong, 11420 Beall Mountain Rd, Potomac, Md,
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