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Katyn Movie

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  • Chris Gladun
    This is a copy of the posting I submitted to APAP. For the last three years I ve posted updates on a proposed Katyn movie based on the book Night Never
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      This is a copy of the posting I submitted to APAP.

      For the last three years I've posted updates on a proposed
      Katyn movie based on the book "Night Never Ending" by
      EUGENJUSZ ANDREI KOMOROWSKI. As the son of a Polish officer
      who survived Katyn, I maintain a keen interest.

      The rights to the book are owned by SCOTT BAKULA and his
      production company, and I was assured six months ago that the
      Polish government put up a million dollars and that a Polish
      screenwriter was involved etc. But I have had no further word.

      The consensus of Poles is to wish Bakula luck-–in other projects.
      "Night Never Ending" purports to be "the incredible true story
      of the only survivor of the liquidation"--but it is the creation
      of JOSEPH L. GILMORE, and a film based on a fictional character
      would trivialize Katyn at best.

      But the Katyn movie saga has taken a much more bizarre and
      frightening turn.

      In June this year I received this email from a MONIKA CHOLEWA:
      "My name is Monika and I just began working as an associate
      producer on a film about Katyn. The company I work for, Cohort
      Productions, is located in New York city and has been developing
      this project for several years. Before I joined the company I
      was a political news reporter for Polish American Congress, but
      this subject has always been very important to me since one of
      my family members also died in Katyn. Being born and raised in
      Poland, I've always wondered why the terror of communism has
      not seen the light of day in world cinematography. Just yesterday
      I met with LIAM NEESON, who is interested in assisting us with
      the project. I believe, I found yet another web site where your
      letter about another Katyn film was included. Our script is based
      on a book by Mr. MAURICE SHAINBERG: "The KGB Solution at Katyn".
      Also, you must be aware of the fact that Mr. WAJDA is preparing a
      film ofhis own. I would like to hear from you and hopefully have a
      chance to further discuss this matter."

      I was astounded that Maurice Shainberg and his book "The KGB
      Solution at Katyn" were involved. I bit my tongue and sent a
      positive reply in the hope of keeping tabs.
      My subsequent emails have not been answered.

      Shainbeg writes in his film synopsis of "Massacre at Katyn":
      "In 1945, I was a young Polish adjutant to a Colonel in the NKVD.
      I had the opportunity to scan the contents of Colonel GREGORI
      ZAITZEV'S personal safe.Digging into a pile of about 500 papers
      written in plain school notebooks, I learned of the Colonel's
      leading role in the Katyn Forest massacre."

      This synopsis and other info is available at Cohort Productions:

      Shainberg's script and his book "The KGB Solution at Katyn" are
      based on a dairy that is either a bizarre Soviet forgery or a
      creation of Shainberg's twisted mind since he claims intimate
      knowledge of events and officials that by all historical accounts,
      are an impossibility. The book can only be described as revisionist
      disinformation, full of inconsistencies, lies and flights of
      perverse fancy.

      The most absurd claim is that the Polish POW's at Kozielsk were
      ALIVE AS LATE AS JULY 1941! And that the Soviets had no real
      intention of executing themexcept that they were panicked by
      the Nazi invasion.

      Of some 50 books dealing with Katyn at Amazon.Com., this book is
      one of only three listed as available–and featured at that!

      I invite you to read the scathing review offered by a Katyn
      historian at

      A quoted reviewer is Richard Nixon who says the book is "a riveting
      account of the horror perpetrated by the Russians on Polish Jews
      during World War Two."

      The dates and events in in my father's Katyn diary refute
      Shainberg's claims by a year:

      Maurice Shainberg describes himself as "ghetto fighter, partisan,
      imposter-–and Holocaust survivor." He also was an NKVD Colonel
      from 1943-1957 who "was responsible for discovering persons or
      groups who were hostile to the new Polish government or to the
      Soviets. We arrested Gestapo collaborators like members of the
      Polish Fascist Home Army."

      In his second book "Breaking From the KGB" Shainberg glibly
      displays photosof himself and his family with NKVD officers and
      Stalinist officials whom he identifies as Katyn murderers–but
      what's more astounding is that they may be figments of his

      Currently Shainberg is attempting to reclaim family property lost
      under the Nazis and Communists in Poland–while at the same time
      in his book he proudly displays an award for his effort in
      fulfillment of Stalinist Poland's National Economic Plan which
      confiscated all private property, presumably his own as well.

      No mention is made of this in "The US News and World Report" that
      tells his touching story in an online edition for 03/17/97.

      Shainberg goes from betraying Poles to the Soviets to claiming he
      risked his life to tell the world that "The dead at Katyn must be
      remembered. Their story has been torn and twisted by governments
      and ideologies, their fate misunderstood, their memory fading."

      He also says it was "difficult to say which was the more repulsive
      government–that of the Nazis or the Soviets," but he proudly
      accepted medals from Stalin for "seeking Polish fascists wherever
      I could find them."

      A few quotes from Shainberg's "Breaking From the KGB":

      "The Russians had joined the battle on September 17 (1939) and were
      attacking Nazi positions in Poland from the east." P.46

      "All through the war I often felt that if I had a choice of enemies,
      I would prefer the Nazi to the Pole." P. 47

      "Within a few weeks in 1941, the Jewish Military Union liquidated
      threepro-German Polish groups called Zagniew. About six hundred
      members of these anti-Semitic organizations were killed as the
      result of our activities." P.97

      "Despite the German invasion and destruction of their country,
      the Poles still preferred the Kraut to the Jew." P.99

      "It was the Polish underground who had entered a synagogue in
      Kielce,where worshipers were at prayer, and killed forty-one of
      them for no reason." P.197

      "General Anders, the proFascist Pole who had fled to England." P.207

      I appeal for help in this matter!

      Does anyone have any info on Monika Cholewa?

      Should someone with a little more influence make enquiries?

      Should Polonia engage in a letter-writing and email campaign?

      Just imagine such a movie based on this man and his book
      on your local screen or TV!

      Chris Gladun
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