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How many of these Jewish foods have you eaten?

http://www.listchallenges.com/jewish-foods?ref=share According to this quiz, I've eaten 58. And the more of these that raw vegan chefs can replicate, the
Judy Pokras
Nov 25, 2013

Do you have any Thanksgivukkah recipes to share with us?

What are you thinking of serving for Thanksgivukkah? Judy Pokras judypokras@... Writer, Producer, Director Anomalies
Judy Pokras
Nov 18, 2013

Yiddish Farm with a vegan chef (maybe raw vegan too?)

A friend of mine is volunteering here this summer, and will be their vegan chef. Maybe he will make some raw vegan too, as he sometimes eats that way:
Judy Pokras
Mar 15, 2012

Re: Anyone in Boston?

Here you go: Alissa Cohen http://www.alissacohen.com/ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Alissa-Cohens-Fan-Page/132164630155733 -Helene Idels
Helene Idels
Jul 8, 2011

Anyone in Boston?

Peace All, Anyone know a Jewish Raw Food enthusiast in the area near Harvard or greater Boston area. Please let me know at vision@... Thank you much,
Jul 8, 2011

Raw Kugel?

Have you ever tried to make raw noodle pudding/kugel? Or have you ever come across a recipe for it? -- Judy Pokras judypokras@...
Feb 24, 2011

Fw: Fwd: Last Day to Vote for Chef Chaya-Ryvka!!!

HI Loves, Today is the last day to vote for me to win the "Next Hot Raw Chef" competition from Living Light. Please help me in this effort - see below for more
Thais Diehl
Feb 9, 2011

please vote for me

You may be receiving this as a second vote request if you are on my mailing list. In either case please HELP make me the Next Hot Raw Chef! I have gone
Thais Diehl
Jan 29, 2011

I'd appreciate your spreading the word about my Kindle book

Thanks very much! ... From: judypokras@... Date: Sat, Oct 30, 2010 at 12:39 AM Subject: [Stuff Raw Foodists Like] Now available as a Kindle book! The
Oct 29, 2010

To Mark

Mark, what is the URL (not the e-mail) of your group? Judy becomingyounger@yahoogroups.com ... From: Judy Subject: Re: [JewishRawFood]
Jul 27, 2010

Re: deli

becomingyounger@yahoogroups.com ... From: Judy Subject: Re: [JewishRawFood] Re: deli To: JewishRawFood@yahoogroups.com Date: Tuesday,
Mark Jackson
Jul 27, 2010

Re: deli

Mark, what's your site? ... -- Judy Pokras vegwriter@... ジュディ Mark, what's your site? On Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 8:15 AM, Mark Jackson
Jul 27, 2010

Re: deli

I have been posting her recipes on my site for a long time. She gives out one recipe a week, if you join her mailing list. I have two or three bagel recipes on
Mark Jackson
Jul 27, 2010

Re: deli

Non raw, non vegetarian, but none the less a wonderful walk down memory lane. I've eaten at the Carnegie Deli in NYC and DZ Atkins in San Diego. Thank you,
Jul 26, 2010

Re: deli

Thanks, Mark. Where does she post the recipes for bagels and such? I don't find them on her site. ... -- Judy Pokras vegwriter@... ジュディ Thanks,
Jul 26, 2010
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