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140please vote for me

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  • Thais Diehl
    Jan 29, 2011
      You may be receiving this as a second vote request if you are on my mailing list. In either case please HELP make me the Next Hot Raw Chef!

      I have gone through the entire process, and submitted all the requirements for the Sweet Valentine Video Recipe Contest and am officially a contestant! YOU can help me win - Go to http://hotrawchef.com/ VoteInfo.html right now and vote for me in the Next Hot Raw Chef Video Recipe Contest. You'll be helping me win one of 3 great prizes, AND you'll receive a FREE eBook full of the recipes of all 44 contestants JUST for voting!

      Please send this onto your friends, family and co-workers! I could really use the support and it's so simple to vote! Please go to www.hotrawchef.com and vote for me now!

      Thank you, Thank you!

      With Love and Blessings,
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      Beyond time and circumstance.
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