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Merkavah Ingathering: "Holy Sista's Rosh Chodesh Drum Circle", in the Old City!

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  • Shoshana
    BS D Merkavah Ingathering: Holy Sistas Rosh Chodesh Drum Circle! January 24th 8-10 PM Rechov 25 Ararat Old City, Jerusalem (We live near the Men s Heritage
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2012
      Merkavah Ingathering: "Holy Sistas Rosh Chodesh Drum Circle!"
      January 24th
      8-10 PM
      Rechov 25 Ararat
      Old City, Jerusalem
      (We live near the Men's Heritage House, when you get to #25 Ararat go down the hallway, it's the door at the end on the left on the ground floor, we'll also put up signs near the doors to help you.)

      Shalom holy women, now's your special chance to sing in harmony, chant soulful praises and channel loving energy in gratitude towards HaShem, while playing drums and or other instruments together in soul elevating rhythm. We'll share deep breathing techniques & guided meditation, interwoven with and created out of Rebbe Nachman's holy teachings in Likutey Moharan pertaining to Rosh Chodesh and/or the parsah hashevuah.

      Each new session will be lead by a group of qualified female teachers/healers. For those of you wishing to take part in our spiritual drum circle, we're preparing to have different drum coaches to also join us each new Rosh Chodesh. In special addition to this... we're planning to offer this as an on-going weekly drum circle. The guides will share with us what they have learned about drumming, while offering enchanting rhythms to uplift our heart-n-soul, creating a strong healthy dynamic energy and klee (vessel/space) that inspires us all to get closer to each other and the holy One Above bez''H.

      If you use Facebook, please look on the following link & join my site under: Shoshana Rivka for further details.


      Be sure to bring your own drum/tambourine/shakers/chimes/etc.

      To RSVP without Facebook, please send me an email at: Shoshanarivkah@... or simply call: 057-314-4821.

      Bracha v'hatzlacha,
      Rebitzen Shoshana Auerbach
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