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Re: [JewishKeidan] A modest genetic proposal for Keidaners

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  • Josh Weinstein
    P.S. There may be some value in importing Y dna results to FTDNA. It is quite likely that the number of your matches will increase. The reason is that FTDNA
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      P.S. There may be some value in importing Y dna results to FTDNA. It is quite likely that the number of your matches will increase. The reason is that FTDNA has an overrepresentation (compared to US and world populations) of Jewish consumers, i.e. there are more people with which to match. I don't know if this is the case with Family Finder results.

      From: Ken & Gladys Camber <hapnken@...>
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      Sent: Monday, September 24, 2012 2:03 PM
      Subject: Re: [JewishKeidan] A modest genetic proposal for Keidaners

      Hi Howard,
           I think your idea of forming a DNA group is an interesting one and worth pursuing.  I had my paternal line checked through DNA testing ("Y-DNA" test) with a different organization a couple of years ago for my connection to the Kamber family from Keidan, before I learned of Family Tree DNA.  I subsequently used Family Tree DNA for testing my maternal line (mitochondrial "mtDNA" test), although that has no connection with Lithuania.
           For my paternal line, I have the results which I would be willing to share with others for purposes of a group trying to find a connection with other families in Lithuania.  (They say that I am in paternal haplogroup "J1.")  However, I doubt that there is a way to actually import the results from my test into a group at the Family Tree DNA website.  It's probably not worth the expense of having my paternal test re-done at Family Tree DNA just for purposes of having the results listed there, so I don't know how much value there would be to my trying to participate in a group.
           I noticed that at Family Tree DNA it mentions that it is possible to get a discount by joining an existing "surname project" at their website and then ordering a test kit as a member of the surname project.  I haven't found where they might say how much of a discount that would be or whether this would apply to a surname project which we might start there as a Keidan Project or some such thing.
              Ken Camber
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      Sent: Friday, September 21, 2012 2:02 PM
      Subject: [JewishKeidan] A modest genetic proposal for KeidanersFellow Keidaners,
      Have any of you been tested to determine your genetic roots?
      Are you interested in doing so?
      I have negotiated a deal for our group to undergo 37-marker tests through FamilyTreeDNA.com, which has a large Jewish database.
      Full disclosure: I have no financial interest in this.
      Before I get into more details, let me tell you more about myself.
      My grandfather Hillel Sragan was born in Keidan back in the 1870s and our family had been in Keidan at least 150 years before that.
      But I always wondered where the Sragans came from before Keidan.
      I thought emerging DNA research might provide some clues about the missing years.
      That's why 11 years ago, I was among the first people to undergo genetic testing to try to determine my family genetic origins.
      I was customer #65 at  FamilyTreeDNA,com.
      I turned out to have a rare G genetic type and for years had few genetic matches.
      Earlier this year, for the first time I had 67 marker (out of 67 markers) with a man from the Zacuto family. Abraham Zacuto was a Spanish astronomer who introduced Columbus to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. I had never considered the possibility that my ancestors came from France and then Spain and then out with the Inquistion. The Zacutos made their way as far East at least as Belarus and apparently dropped my relations off in Lithuania.
      In any case, this posed an interesting possible angle to my family's roots.
      Andy Cassel, knowing my interest in DNA and family history, sent me an article from Moment magazine about tests by 23andme, another player in the genetic testing business, of some prominent Jews.
      This started a discussion about the possibilities of having the Keidan group tested.
      We may have different surnames. But we didn't get those names until the early 1800s.
      But maybe we match genetically?
      I asked Bennett Greenspan, founder of FamilytreeDNA.com, one of the leading DNA testing groups, the one tied in with National Geographic, if he could offer us a discount. He feels it would be most effective to treat the men because the women back when tended to come from local populations. He said he would do a Y marker test for men for $119. The list price is $169.
      They send you a kit. You scrape a sample cheek cells that you place in a vial. FTDNA extracts the DNA and gives you a report on your markers online.
      I likewise could approach 23andme and ask if they would offer a rate. They also have a large Jewish client base. They offer a test of more markers with medical information.
      I wanted to gauge interest. Let me know what you think.

      Howard Wolinsky

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