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Re: [JewishKeidan] genetic testing

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  • Howard Wolinsky
    I wrote a note to 23andMe to ask what they might do for us. For laughs, I mentioned that I mention the mother and also he husband of their founder. Howard
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 23, 2012
      I wrote a note to 23andMe to ask what they might do for us.
      For laughs, I mentioned that I mention the mother and also he husband of their founder.
      Howard Wolinsky
      My note: 
      I am a long-time customer.
      I have been speaking with fellow members of an online of descendants of Jews from Keidan, Lithuania about DNA testing the group.
      There are about 100 members.
      Can you offer the group a discount?
      Does it help that  I match the mom of your founder and her husband?

      On Sun, Sep 23, 2012 at 8:25 AM, Josh Weinstein <jgw111@...> wrote:

      Sharon, FTDNA frequently has FF sales for around $200. 23 and Me is another possibility. I will try to explain the various tests and hope that the rest is clear.
      The Y dna test gives information about one's paternal line (father's father etc.) It is only availible for males. One's maternal line (mother's mother etc.) can only be tested using mitochondrial dna (Note that this is different from X dna which cannot be used to trace the maternal line because of chromosome recombination) Most of my matches on either test tend to be hundreds of years old or more. Y dna involves our sexual chromosomes for males. It is a long story, but mitochondrial dna does not involve  human chromosomes per se.
      All of our remaining chromosomes are non sexual or autosomes. The Family Finder test deals with the vast majority of our genetic information which is contained on the autosomes. Since the information is non sexual it is available for both men and women. The test lists relatives up to around fifth cousins and thus tends to be more informative for recent relations. Another advantage is that it covers a larger segment of one's family. For example, at the great grandparent level Y and mitochondrial lines involve only two of the eight lines while Family Finder covers all eight (provided relatives from all eight lines have been tested).
      There are some limitations of Family Finder. If someone is listed as a cousin, there is no way of knowing if they are related to your mother's family or your father's family.  Since Jews pracitised endogamy, a cousin may be related to both parents. The cousin designations (e.g. fourth cousin) are only  estimates and may be off by a number of generations----endogamy only adds to the uncertainty.

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      Looked at the site. Looks like the Family Finder gives a lot more, and for female children of male Keidaners (like me and my sisters) is the only way to link up genetically to other Keidaners. Do you think he might reduce the $289 price to $205 to give the same percentage discount (approx) for the more expensive test for a group of us?


      Howard Wolinsky

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