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    Am posting in case anyone else might have info/connections to the following. ... From: sharonsilber To: eli ; Sent: Fri,
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      Am posting in case anyone else might have info/connections to the

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      Sent: Fri, May 11, 2012 1:45 pm

      Not sure if I wrote to you before. My grandmother's older sister, Chana
      Shternfeld from Keidan (And Krakes), married Sholem Rabinowiz (son of
      Shmuel), and they moved from Keidan to Kaunas. They had at least 3
      children, Rashe Rabinowitz (b. 1881)), Israel Rabinowitz (b. 1879), and
      Shimon Rabinowitz (B 1889) who married Rebeka Brot in 1898. Shimon was
      an electrician, and I am not sure of the names of children but I
      believe one of them had a kind of gourmet cheese shop (?) in Kaunas and
      they saved their 2 daughters by giving them to the nuns who either
      bought or supplied the cheese.My father, when he was in medical school
      before the war in Kaunas (he graduated in 1939), used to sleep on
      chairs in their living room to save money on lodging.

      We used to be in touch with a descendent of one of these 2 Rabinowitz
      girls who
      has a last name which is like Parsons or Perselis and whose first name
      Alex and he is a dentist living in Israel with his family (I believe in
      Haifa). I
      used to be in touch with Alex(when he was a student, he and his
      girlfriend, now wife, came and slept on the floor of my apartment in
      Manhattan appropriately enough--they were both delightful people) but
      when my email changed, I neglected to save his address and my mother
      seems not to have it either. I was struck particularly that you
      mentioned Krakes in your tour. I found that the Shternfeld family is
      listed in the Krakes census in the 1860s and 1890s (this second date
      might be wrong) although by the time my father was born in 1915, they
      were living in Keidan. Of course Rabinowitz is a common name so there
      may not be a connection.

      Have a great trip, Sharon Silber (daughter of Joseph Silber of Keidan,
      granddaughter of Roze Shternfeld of Keidan, great-niece
      of Chana Shternfeld Rabinowitz of Keidan and Kaunas)

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      From: Eli Rabinowitz <eli@...>
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      Subject: [JewishKeidan] Roots Two Trip Blog


      I wrote a blog during my first Roots One trip last year, enabling
      people to accompany me on my journey. This blog consisted mainly of
      photos with some text.

      I am now in the middle of my Roots Two Jewish Heritage trip to:
      Berlin, Prague, Warsaw, Krakow, Orla, Nasielsk, Brest, Vysokoye,
      Novogrudok, Grodno, Mir, Minsk, Vilnius, Krakes, Kaunas and Kedainiai,
      Riga, Moscow, St Petersburg and London.

      My blog address is:

      You can subscribe to regular updates on Facebook or by contacting me at


      Eli Rabinowitz
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