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RE: [JewishKeidan] A work in progress - memorial in Keidan

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  • Tamar Dothan
    Dear Alexander, Please send me your e mail address for a private correspondence. We have a Shmuel Kaplan who was killed in Dachao on our list, and I would
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      Dear Alexander,


      Please send me your  e mail address for a private correspondence. We have a Shmuel Kaplan who was killed in Dachao on our list, and I would like to check with you whether he is your uncle.




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      Dear Tamar,

      my uncle Samuel Kaplan was born in Keidan & he moved to Kaunas before WW2.

      Hi was in Kauanas ghetto with my father Simon. From the ghetto of Kaunas he moved to the small work camp in Keidan and from there he was sent to Dachau where he was killed in 1945. 


      Please add his name to the list of victims


      Best Reagards


      Alexandre Kaplan


      2012/4/25 Tamar Dothan <dothan-t@...>


      Dear all,


      This is  an addition to Olga Zabludoff's message sent earlier today.


      The metal memorial  unveiled last summer  near the mass grave commemorates the victims killed in Keidan on Aug. 28, 1941. The new project  Rimantas Zirgulis, director of the Kedainiai Regional Museum, is planning will commemorate all the holocaust victims who either lived or were murdered  in Keidan  . If someone from your family lived  in Keidan and then moved away [upon getting married , for instance] , and was murdered , we would like to include them too.


      Like Olga suggested, please send  her names of victims , and include as much of the following information as you have: First names, last name, maiden name, parents' names, date and place of birth, occupation, and place, date and circumstances of death. We will  include them in the new project, and will ask Rimantas to add to the metal memorial  the names of those killed in the mass murder. If you only know a little about the person  - send what you know.


      If you have sent us names last  summer for the metal memorial, and you have the above information, please send it too.



      Tamar Dothan







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      Dear Andy,

      I echo thanks to you for organizing last Sunday's Keidan commemorative event. In spite of the foul weather the turnout was impressive, thanks to your perseverance.

      In order to attract a wider audience I am repeating here what I announced to the group on Sunday. Myra Sklarew had described the "names" project initiated last summer by Rimantas Zirgulis, director of the Kedainiai Regional Museum. Myra had attended the ceremony on August 28, 2011 at which the project had been unveiled: large metal tablets inscribed with the names of the victims of the 1941 massacre. The memorial is located near the mass grave.

      Rimantas is expanding the project to include in his Museum either a book or a computer program in which a page will be dedicated to each victim providing more information about the individual (date and place of birth, parents' names, maiden names, occupations). He would also like photographs, either individual or family/group shots, in digital format rather than hard copies. Please send scanned images with captions via email to:
      Rimantas Zirgulis
      muziejus@... or rimaszir@...

      We are also continuing to collect names to be added to the metal memorial. Currently there are slightly over 1,000 inscribed names. The reported number of Jews from Keidan, Shat and Zheim murdered in the August 28, 1941 massacre is close to 3,000. Please send me names you did not submit when the first call was issued last summer. (We will be able to sort out any submissions that may be duplicates.) Tamar Dothan in Jerusalem is heading up the project to collect additional names.

      Olga Zabludoff

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      Alexandre Kaplan

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