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RE: [JewishKeidan] 2011 memorial commemoration in New York

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  • Barbera Levin
    Hi Andy, Much as I would hope to attend on 29 Aug. 2011 it is impossible as we live in London, UK. A further complicating factor is that my husband is
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      Hi Andy,


      Much as I would hope to attend on 29 Aug. 2011 it is impossible as we live in London , UK . A further complicating factor is that my husband is suffering from severe arthritis which is debilitating. My father’s whole family was lost as were the families of all of us. Nonetheless I would be grateful if you keep me up to date on any further developments re: the memorial.



      Barbara Levin


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      Hi Andy,
      I would be very interested in attending with my husband and parents.  Please let me know of additional developments as the date approaches.
      Emily Karmen

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      Fellow Keidaners:

      As some of you are aware, Aug. 29, 2011 will mark the 70th anniversary of the mass murder that effectively put an end to the 500-year-old Jewish community of Keidan.

      As some of you also know, this date has been marked almost every year since 1941 by Keidaners and their descendents in Europe and Israel .

      I recently met with Martin Kagan, one of our most distinguished landsleit and himself a native of Keidan, whose family perished after he left in 1939. Now a resident of Manhattan , Martin has suggested--and I heartily agree--that it would be very appropriate to hold a similar memorial commemoration sometime next August in New York City .

      We would gather in the city to celebrate Keidan's history and remember the hundreds who were martyred there. If there is sufficient interest and we can raise the necessary funds, would also like to commission a stone memorial marker, to be placed in an appropriate location such as the Keidaner burial plot in Montefiore Cemetery in western Long Island .

      While next August is 10 months away, planning for such a gathering needs to begin soon. So I would like everyone who would be interested in attending to raise a virtual hand; send an email to the JewishKeidan list indicating your interest in attending and/or contributing.

      It would likely be held mid-day, last no more than a couple of hours, with perhaps some light refreshment afterward. I believe it could be a meaningful occasion for everyone with a connection to the history community of Keidan.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Andy Cassel


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