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  • DavidEBernstein@aol.com
    Hello, My maternal grandmother s family is from Keidan. Her father s name in the U.S. was Julius Stein (actually changed his name several times to avoid
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2009

      My maternal grandmother's family is from Keidan. Her father's name in
      the U.S. was Julius Stein (actually changed his name several times to
      avoid creditors), but in Lithuania it was Yehuda something. In an
      interview I did with her, she says his name was something like
      "Stravinsky," I can't make it out. The only name that sounds similar
      from Keidan is Starshunsky, so that's probably it. His father's name
      was Kopel, according to his tombstone. I think his mother's name was
      Leya, and his father's father Itsko, but I'm 100% sure I have the right
      people. According to the interview with my grandmother, Juilus had
      eight brothers and sisters. According to records, there was a
      Strashunsky with a father Kopel one who married a "Chaim Lets," and
      another who married a "Mikhel Etelzon." Julius was a custom shoe
      maker, he made shoes for people who were crippled in one leg.

      My grandmother's mother's name was Chaya Ita (Ida) Goldberg. Her
      father was Yitzchak and her mother Rose (I think). Ida had one sister
      and one brother and two step-sisters.

      I'm trying to fill in my family tree, so if this rings a bell to
      anyone, let me know.


      David Bernstein
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