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  • E. Allon
    Ohr Tzafon is still in print today, in one volume (I have a copy). This book of ethical discourses, based on the weekly Torah reading, is still studied in
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2005
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      Ohr Tzafon is still in print today, in one volume (I have a copy). This book
      of ethical discourses, based on the weekly Torah reading, is still studied
      in yeshiva circles worldwide. It is not, as suggested by the book seller, a
      book of Kabbalah. In addition to his role as head of the Slobodka Yeshiva,
      Rabbi Finkel was one of the leading proponents of the Mussar (ethical)
      movement, launched by Rabbi Yisroel Salanter in the the middle of the 19th

      Eliyahu Allon
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      1. Re: FW: Interesting booklet published in Kedainiai
      From: Ben-Tsion <bentsion@...>


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      Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 16:15:22 +0200
      From: Ben-Tsion <bentsion@...>
      Subject: Re: FW: Interesting booklet published in Kedainiai


      This booklet ("Or Hatzofon") contains some Mussar (moral) speeches of Rabbi
      Nattan Zvi Finkel, the head of the famous SLabodka Yeshiva in Lithuania. The
      publishers of this booklet were the Rabbis Aizik Sher and Avrohom
      Grodzensky, both the successors of Rabbi Finkel in the yeshiva. They
      published such five different booklets. I don't know the worth of this
      booklet; anyway, people can find it in the Israeli universital libraries.

      Ben-Tsion Klibansky

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      ????: Re: [JewishKeidan] FW: Interesting booklet published in Kedainiai

      > Andy,
      > It might be worth forwarding the message to Saul Issroff in the UK. He is
      so knowledgeable and might know something about this.
      > saul@...
      > Olga
      > "A. Cassel" <acassel@...> wrote:
      > I received this today. Can anyone help these folks?
      > Andy Cassel
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      > Subject: Interesting booklet published in Kedainiai
      > Hello, we are second hand booksellers in London and recently among some
      other Judaica from a recent purchase came across a booklet in Hebrew called
      "Oir hacofun" which an Israeli friend translated as Light From the North, it
      is conversations of Rabbi Natan Zvi Finkel with Shar Grzinsky, it is 7
      pages and was published in Kedainiai in 1928, front cover is in Lithuanian
      and back Hebrew, my friend thinks it might be connected with the Cabala. I
      would welcome any information on the author, also I wonder if anyone might
      be interested in purchasing this item from us. Thank you in advance for any
      help your group can give me in researching this item. All Good Wishes, David
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