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  • Harvey Kaplan
    Hi Ken Still here! When I was Kedainiai in 2005, I visited a number of sites of Jewish interest. If a plaque could be offered to the municipality (I think we
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 14, 2009
      Hi Ken
      Still here!
      When I was Kedainiai in 2005, I visited a number of sites of Jewish interest. If a plaque could be offered to the municipality (I think we need their support for keeping an eye on it), the obvious place, I think, would be one of the 2 former synagogues, which sit side by side in the square. There's also another former synagogue, the Jewish cemetery, and some stuff in the town museum.
      best wishes
      Harvey Kaplan
      2009/2/14 Ken & Hap Camber <hapnken@...>

           I was previously a subscriber to this list a number of years ago, I believe before it was part of Yahoogroups, if I am remembering correctly.  It is good to see Andy Cassel's name as still being connected to Keidan research, as well as a few others which look familiar.
           I am Ken Camber, great, great, great grandson of Berel "Ber" Kamber, who was listed in the 1834 Kedainiai Revision List as the father of Gershon and Zelman Kamber, then age 28 and age 9, respectively.  (Zelman Kamber (aka Yankel Zelman/Zelman Yankel) was my great, great grandfather, whose son Leyb/Lewis moved the family to Edinburgh, Scotland about 1874/1876.)
           With the extensive assistance of Harvey Kaplan on a couple of different occasions, we were able to research my Kamber family in Scotland (known there as "Camberg").  (I believe that Harvey is now, or at least has been, a member of this group as well.)  With the assistance of the LitvakSIG Kaunas District Research Group of Ada Greenblatt (now Ada Green) and of the Kedainiai Vital Records Project of Olga Zabludoff, we were able to make the connection to a number of Kamber family members around Keidan and Kaunas.  (I think that there may be two distinct branches of the family in Lithuania, and we currently are trying to establish a connection between them.)  We also are researching the Klebansky/Klibansky/Kleavanski surname in Lithuania and Scotland.
           I have been working on my research with a number of cousins, including Jackie Shmueli of Moshav Orot, Israel (grandson of Gershon Yakov Kamber/Camberg and Malke "Mele" Kleavanski).  Currently, he and I have been discussing the possibility of establishing a memorial monument for the victims of the Shoah in Kedain.  The idea for this originated with Olga Zabludoff, who suggested this as one possible way of applying the excess funds from the Kedainiai Vital Records Project as that project winds down.  I understand from Olga that the idea of a monument is not a new one, but that it has never met with success.  Olga suggested that I float the idea again to see whether there might be some interest from group members to participate in such a project.
           My cousin Jackie is quite enthusiastic about the idea and thinks he can arrange for the creation of a plaque (perhaps of annodized aluminum) in Israel if there is some feasible way to get it to Keidan and to have it placed and maintained there.  It was his thought that perhaps we could approach the project with a view of keeping it fairly modest, so as to not create a heavy financial burden on anyone involved.  However, before we get too far along with our own ideas, I would be interested in learning more about the experience of others in trying to bring this same sort of project to fruition.  I understand that this group may not be very active at this point, but I would be interested in hearing your ideas and impressions.
              Ken Camber

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