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Re: [JewishKeidan] Plotz Family

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  • Josh Weinstein
    I missed the recent reference to the Plotz family. I don t know if the following information is of any value. My paternal grandmother was Feiga Ella Leibert
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 19, 2007
      I missed the recent reference to the Plotz family. I
      don't know if the following information is of any
      value. My paternal grandmother was Feiga Ella Leibert
      (Ha Levi family) of Keidan. Tobe Plotz married my
      grandmother's cousin, Hyman Lubit of Keidan. Dick
      Plotz kindly emailed me a chart indicating that the
      family moved to New York. My father's old family list
      includes the names of Hyman Lubit and his son in law
      Samuel Kofsky.
      My maternal grandmother was Chaya (Ida) Rogut of
      Wilkomir. Tobe's first cousin Chaya Devorah Plotz
      married a distant cousin of my grandmother's, Abba
      Rogut of Wilkomir.(I'm sure that my parents were
      unaware of the Plotz connection) The family moved to
      South Africa. Dick Plotz would have more information.

      Josh Weinstein

      --- bbc@... wrote:

      > Dr.Brian B.Cohen
      > Sometime Senior Lecturer
      > Medical Science
      > University of St.Andrews
      > information from a newcomer: my father's family
      > starts- david ziv married to
      > mary rosenthal.their daughter rachael married david
      > cree(krey) and they moved
      > with their children to dundee in the late 19th
      > century.david's father was
      > nokhum and his grandfather was zundel. rachel and
      > david 's children were
      > mary(married nathan gordon),julia or
      > iochabed(married samuel
      > ronder),annie(married barnet cohen from glasgow-my
      > grandparents)and
      > nathan(married annie wine).in 1907 when rachael was
      > a widow of 60 she married
      > rabbi abraham shyne of glasgow who then went to
      > israel(with rachael?).
      > there is also supposed to be a relationship between
      > annie cree(nee ziv) and
      > isaac eban the stepfather of the eminent abba.
      > isaac's father and mother were
      > israel and annie(nee jaffe).annie jaffe's father was
      > harris and her mother 's
      > maiden name stock.israel eban's father was
      > originally pinchas ziv but he
      > changed it to eban when he was conscripted into the
      > army(for why?). isaac had
      > sibs julia,isabella,minnie and philip.
      > my father's father barnet cohen was the son of
      > isaac cohen and betsy
      > shapera(his second wife).betsy was the daughter of
      > samuel shapera and esther
      > cohen. isaac was the son of barnet cohen and annie
      > belch.barnet(the younger)
      > had sibs sarah(married jacob fisher)and
      > annie(married jacob appleton).
      > someone was asking about the name plotz-i have
      > photos from the 1920s-40s of
      > dr.nathan finn of johannesberg and his daughter
      > isadora.he must have been a
      > family friend and i think his wife was jane plotz a
      > journalist(?) in s. africa
      > was this too much for a beginner? there's also my
      > mother's family.....
      > cheers brian cohen
      > University of St Andrews Webmail:
      > https://webmail.st-andrews.ac.uk

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