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RE: [JewishKeidan] My visit to Lithuania

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  • Barbera Levin
    Hi Sally Thank you so much for your very full and newsy email. I will write to you to find out even more.as my father s whole family were wiped out in the
    Message 1 of 18 , Sep 18, 2006

      Hi Sally


      Thank you so much for your very full and newsy email. I will write to you to find out even more.as my father’s whole family were wiped out in the Holocaust. They all lived in Keidan. According to your records re: the cemetery, his father who I know died before WW ll and after who I was named, died in 1932.My grandfather’s name was Baruch

      Linde and it is because of your information that I have the date. This must have been quite a visit for you!


      Thanks a million

      Shana Tovah



      Barbara Levin


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      Hi all,

      I’m still catching up from my trip to Lithuania , and haven’t finished writing everything up yet.  Stay tuned.


      Before I left Seattle , I scanned all our family photos and I took high resolution printouts of the photos in a notebook so I could proudly show photographs of the historical “Mizrochs in Lithuania ” to any and all I met.  Rachel Kostanian at the Jewish Museum in Vilnius suggested that my cousins and I write up the Mizroch family history and make a “book” that includes the photos and story.  When we’ve finished the book, we’ll send it back to Lithuania (museums, libraries, Jewish community centers, various people we met while over there).  I uploaded most of the scanned photos to the web before I left for Lithuania :    




      When I was in Lithuania , I had a chance to look at other people’s photos that were stashed away in bags and boxes, and I took some photos of photos, some of which I just uploaded today:




      Then I started thinking that all these family and other photos should be archived in a web-based photo database, not just photos of the Mizrochs, of course, but the whole Jewish community.  For example, we have some family photos that were sent to my great aunt Sonia in South Africa from people I don’t know (eg, Rebbeka Berkal, Ida Joffee, etc).  Perhaps there are relatives of these people out there who would be delighted to see these photos of their aunt, grandmother, whomever.  If we put the community photos together in a big, searchable database, we’ll be able to kind of recreate the community in a small way, and we may find photos of our relatives in other people’s stashes of photos.


      I am a whale biologist for NOAA Fisheries, and I build whale photo-identification databases for a living.  So I’d like to propose that we all join together to develop a Litvak “photo-identification” database.  If you have family photographs and are interested in participating, please let me know. 


      If you have a good scanner, you should scan your photos at high resolution, and we can figure out an efficient way to get the images sent to me.  If you don’t have a scanner, you can take a quick digital photo (like the ones I posted on the web) and we can use that image to start with.  If you’d like to get any archival images professionally copied and digitized, I can put you in touch with a Seattle-based photo lab which specializes in copying archival photos (they’ve done a lot of work for the local Jewish Federation office, yes, the same office where a crazy person killed someone about a month ago).


      Details you should include with each photo should say where and when it was taken (best guess if you don’t know exactly), who is in the photo (left to right labels), and how do you know who is who, and all the variant spellings of the family names (in Hebrew and Cyrillic, too, if you know them).


      I’d like to use photos from this Keidan group to develop the criteria for the submission of photos and to develop the database and query structure.  If the project looks viable, once our little database is built and running smoothly, I’d like to propose doing this across the Lithuanian Jewish universe.


      Please let me know what you think.


      Lastly, I shot some black and white film images at the Jewish cemetery in Keidan and I posted scans of them on the web a few days ago.  Harvey Kaplan took a look and noticed that I’d photographed markers of a  Shulman, Greenblatt, Cassel , among others.  Here’s the web address for these photos:




      If you’d like to have me post translations of the gravestones, e-mail me the translation and the photo number, and I’ll put the text on the web.






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      A real pleasure to read your note. Meeting Yudel Ronder is an experience that makes the whole trip worthwhile just by itself -- he's a treasure! I'm delighted to hear it's going well for you, and eager to learn more whenever you get the chance to post. Stay well, and stay in touch!




      Andy Cassel



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