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888Re: Cultural Diversity

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  • Eli Rabinowitz
    Apr 9 7:08 PM
      Hi All

      I have been following the correspondence on the Yahoo group. Laima is doing a great job!

      I assume that she is not Jewish, and that she wants to connect her students with the Jewish history and culture that was so significant in Lithuania for hundreds of years pre WWII.

      My third great grandfather was Avraham Shlomo Zalman Tzoref, who was born in Keidan in 1785 and and left in 1811 for Jerusalem, where he established the first ashkenazi community in the Old City. As my ancestors left Lithuania long before the Holocaust, I tend to see things a little differently.

      I fully understand that many people can never forgive, but Laima is a teacher who is trying to build bridges, and what she is doing is highly commendable in my book.

      I do not see the point of dumping guilt on her and the younger generation. We all should be willing to help educate Lithuanian children about Jewish life throughout the times, including a contemporary view.

      Therefore, connections between Lithuanians and Jews should be encouraged and we should not walk away from our role in this education!

      Best regards


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