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882"Cultural diversity" project

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  • Tamar Dothan
    Apr 7, 2014
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      Dear  Laima,


      I think Olga Zabludoff's message made it clear why  it is so difficult for many of us to respond to your request to share family stories and photos with you and your students.  My mother grew up in Kedainiai. She had very good memories of  her childhood there,  of  the summer vacations she spent with her family in  a village out of town, and of  her walks in the beautiful forest. But she was only twenty six years old when she received the last letter from her parents, in 1941. When the war ended she was told  how her father, mother, brother, sister, aunts, uncles,  cousins and other relatives   were shot, with all the rest of the Jews in town. She was also told how some of the people she had known and liked participated in the killing.


      So what can I tell your students? That my mother loved their town? Or that their town helped destroy my mother's family?



      Tamar Dothan

      Jerusalem, Israel