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842Lithuanian Jewish Memorial in October and a note on Family Finder special rate

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  • Sharon Silber
    Aug 1, 2013
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      2 items for people to be aware of

      1) The yearly memorial for all Jewish victims of the Holocaust in Lithuania and their descendents will be held on Sunday October 27, 2013 at Fifth Avenue Synagogue , 5 E 62nd St, NY NY. There are speakers and a lovely luncheon at the event. The organizer, Joseph Griliches, one of the last survivors of the Kovno ghetto, is a man with tremendous knowledge of Lithuanian society and history and Jewish life in Lithuania in the years prior to and during the war. If you have a relative who is a Lithuanian survivor who has died (and you have not previously commemorated that person), you will be asked to light a candle in memory of the person. 

      Membership dues are $36 and include the luncheon and partly go to assist elderly Lithuanian Jews and to keep the organization and newsletter going. Unfortunately there is no website but checks are tax-deductible and may be sent to Joseph Griliches, President, Assistance to Lithuanian Jews, 211 E 79th St, #1407A,  NY NY 10075. His phone number is 212-988-2699.  You can also reserve by phone and bring a check to the event.

      2) Special $99 rate on the Family Finder Test. For those interested in genetic testing to find cousins from the last 5 generations, the Family Finder Test on FamilyTreeDNA.com is now only $99, by far the cheapest rate I have seen in the 8 months since I was tested. (I paid close to $200 which was a discounted rate, the full price is close to $300 I believe) Although tracing back is still not easy, it is pretty amazing to find 2nd, 3rd and 4th cousins, as well as those more distantly related. particularly for those from families like mine which were decimated on both sides by the Holocaust. There are only a small number of people from the Keidan group who have been tested, but if you have been considering doing so, now would be a good time. It would be wonderful to have more Keidaners tested so that we might uncover more of the family relationships among us.