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839RE: [JewishKeidan] New book of interest to Keidaners

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  • bentsion
    Jul 28, 2013
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      If there is an interested publisher – it will be quite possible. Unfortunately, I don't know such one.


      Ben-Tsion Klibansky


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      Will this book ever be published in English?

      Jeanette Mehr


      From: Olga <ozabludoff@...>
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      Subject: [JewishKeidan] New book of interest to Keidaners



      Keidaners will be interested to learn about the publication of a new book "Mi'yarkete Tsafon" ("From the Ends of the Earth") - memoirs of Gitta Langleben-Klibansky (in Hebrew). The book chronicles Gitta's expulsion from Kovno a few days before the Nazi invasion of Lithuania and her deportation to one of the most northerly areas of Siberia at the Arctic Circle. The unique and thrilling account illuminates aspects of the Second World War that are generally unknown to typical readers and even to Holocaust researchers.

      The author provides a vivid description of her life in a traditional family in Lithuania in the 1920s and 1930s, her studies at the "Schwabbe" Hebrew Gymnasium in Kovno, and the dramatic turn in her life as a result of the Soviet occupation of Lithuania in 1940.

      Of particular interest to Keidaners are the memoirs of Gitta's late husband, included in the second section of the book, which stretch from his birth in Keidan and his expulsion to Russia together with all the Kovno Gubernia Jews in 1915 to his life in Keidan and Kovno in the interwar period. His visit to Keidan after his return from exile in Siberia (his second deportation) is sensitively described, as is his deep frustration at finding the town empty of Jews. The book also contains two genealogical charts of the families Langleben and Klibansky.

      The volume has been edited by Gitta's son, our own Ben-Tsion Klibansky, who is also the editor of David Bankier's "Expulsion and Extermination" recently published by Yad Vashem.

      "Mi'yarkete Tsafon" (hard cover, 408 pp.) can be ordered by email (or for further information): bentsion@...


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