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678Re: [JewishKeidan] Keidaner Society Johannesburg, South Africa [1 Attachment]

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  • Micki Dryer
    Feb 9, 2012
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      Dear Sonja.
      When I received this e mail I didn't look at it properly.  My son Allen Dryer pointed out that one of the members  missing in the photo was J. Pogroske - Jack was my first cousin.  Also there was a Mr Rochin - he was a witness at my parents' wedding in Keidan in 1930!! What a small world.  He also told me the Rabbi who officiated at the wedding was murdered on the 28th Aug. 1941.  My bobba and zeida died before the Holocaust  I will speak to my sister in JHB and she remembers more than I do.  Unfortunately she does not have emai 
      My late mother was born in Keidan and her name was Anna Levitan. Her family had a bakery and she worked there'  Her brother came to SA in 1928.  Her one sister also died in the Holocaust- she was Jack Pogroske's mother.
      I remember you,r family when they lived in Doornfontein in SolSonia Lodge. in Charlton Terrace in the early 1950's.. If I am correct your sister's name was Sylvia and your mom's name was Kitty?? and she worked at Crystals.  I remember your dad coming to see my mom - we lived in Sivewright Ave.I remember the names in the picture  .
      My name is Micki Dryer (nee Cohen) . I live in England now.  I don't know if you remember me.
      This is just a shor email - trying remember more.  I will speak to my sister.

      Hi everyone,
      I was going through my stuff that I brought with when making Aliyah and have come across this photograph which I thought might interest some of you.
      My father is J Setting, perhaps some of you might recognize someone you know, please let me know if you do, I would be most interested.
      You might have to rotate that photo as it is quite large and I couldn't scan it right side up.
      Sonja Shacknofsky
      e-mail address: stephen.shacknofsky@...

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