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610Re: [JewishKeidan] 70th Yortzayt for Keidan - Israel commemoration

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  • Yehudh bn Shlmo
    Sep 11, 2011
      >Photos from the event may be seen here as well; click on the "Photos" link to the left and look for the folder labeled "Tel Aviv commemoration, Aug. >28 2011".
       Can someone tell me where the "link to the left is"?  I woud like to see the photos?

      Shalom Shalom,
      Yehudah ben Shlomo

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      > Subject: [JewishKeidan] 70th Yortzayt for Keidan - Israel commemoration
      > Friends,
      > From Arie Shcherbakov comes the following account of the Aug. 28 Keidan yortzayt
      > commemoration in Tel Aviv. Photos from the event may be seen here as well; click
      > on the "Photos" link to the left and look for the folder labeled
      > "Tel Aviv commemoration, Aug. 28 2011".
      > Thanks to all.
      > ---------
      > On August 28, 2011 a number of Israeli descendants of the Keidan Jewish
      > community gathered in the hall of the Association of the Lithuanian Jews in Tel
      > Aviv to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the brutal massacre of their
      > families. Unfortunately, none of those who were young at the time of the
      > Holocaust was present - those few who are still with us are in their 90s and
      > couldn't attend. Most of the 50+ participants belong to the 2nd generation
      > of Keidaners, who made an effort to come to Tel Aviv from all parts of the
      > country -– not only from Haifa and Jerusalem, but also from the kibbutzim like
      > Beit Zera and Ramat Hashofet, Regba and Nachal Oz (Gaza border), some of the
      > latter founded by their chalutzim parents from Keidan. Many of us haven't
      > seen each other for years, some (especially those who came to Israel from behind
      > the Iron Curtain at the beginning of 70s) had never met, so the encounter was
      > very emotional for all the participants.
      > A little exhibition of old photographs from Keidan, found in the archive of the
      > Association of the Lithuanian Jews, was prepared – as a surprise and a tribute
      > to our community - by Rachel Levin, a member of the Association's
      > management.
      > According to the tradition, the evening started with the lighting of six candles
      > and the reading of the Psalms, El Male Rachamim and Kaddish by Mordechai
      > Landsberg, son of Shmuel and Rivka Landsberg, and Arie (Lionya) Shcherbakov, son
      > of Guta Kagan. This was followed by the playing of Beethoven's Sonata
      > Pathetique, by the talented Israeli pianist Misha Zertsekel. The musid provided
      > a proper break between the excitement of the encounters and reunification with
      > memories of our families.
      > Dr. Ran Hakim, from Ramat Hashofet, son of Zipora Rodni, who had visited
      > Lithuania about two months ago, gave a very interesting presentation of
      > Kedainiai as it looked in the 30s and as it looks today. His presentation
      > included some old photographs of our people in their everyday lives, lives which
      > were mercilessly cut off on August 28, 1941 at the mass grave. A number of
      > heartbreaking photographs showed us the history of building a memorial at this
      > field of murder by a handful of survivors shortly after the war.
      > Sara Yakubovski from Haifa, daughter of Mina Ronder, read excerpts from the
      > letters sent in 1946 by her uncle, Chaim Ronder, one of the only three survivors
      > from the mass grave, to his sister in Israel. These letters, describing the
      > horror and suffering of the last days of our people in Keidan, each time anew
      > set us as witnesses to the tragedy as if it were occurring right now in front of
      > our eyes. Sara  also read a deeply moving poem -- "The Letter" (which
      > didn't arrive) by an Israeli poet of Lithuanian origin, Y. Taharlev.
      > Tamar Dothan from Jerusalem, daughter of Rachel Sruelov, read the last letter
      > written by her grandfather (in Hebrew!) just a few months before the massacre.
      > She also talked about the initiative by the manager of the Regional Museum in
      > Kedainiai, Mr. R. Zirgulis, to set  a memorial plaque with the names of our
      > martyrs at the mass grave site. We supported the idea, though unfortunately we
      > were informed about it just few days before our meeting. In spite of the fact
      > that we were eager to help with identifying the names, we were told that the
      > dedication, scheduled for September 23, couldn't be postponed. The deadline
      > to submit the list of the names was set for September 9 (!), which made the
      > mission of preparation of these names on such a short notice to be practically
      > impossible. Still we've tried to do what we can in this unbelievably short
      > time. Tamar volunteered for the task of collecting names, and everybody was
      > invited to help her.
      > The meeting ended, but we'll try our best not to let the memories of our
      > lost families fade away. 
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