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58Re: [JewishKeidan] Gladstein(Gladshtein)(Gladstone)-Amoilsky family-Eiragola-Keidan

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  • david gladstone
    Aug 1, 2005
      Dear Milda
      Many thanks for the information.It seems that the name you have found is my grandfather whom I am named after.If you can get me more information it will be great.
      Where did you find the information?Did they have a telephone?how many people lived in Kedainiai at the 1930?Is the original house still there or everything in Kedainai new?
      I am going to scan the book so I'll have a copy for you.Most of it is in hebrew but if you need some details I can try and translate these details for you to english.
      Keep well and hope to hear from you soon,
      m jv <mildajv@...> wrote:
      Dear David,

      My name is Milda Jakulyte-Vasil, I'm an historian and
      am currently doing research on Jewish Kedainiai.
      Kedainiai is my hometown, but I'm a Lithuanian.
      In your message, you said you were looking for
      information about your family. I saw two surnames in
      the Lithuanian who's who directory which may help. In
      1923, Glešteinas (Gleshteinas) Dovydas, of the address
      Didžioji street No 40, employed in manufacturing and
      merchandizing. In 1931 Glašteinas (Glashteinas) Z., of
      address Gedimino street No 42, of the same occupation.
      This is now one and the same street, and it seems the
      numbering is probably the same.
      You mentioned you could make a copy of Keidan Memorial
      Book, for whoever might need one. I would find a copy
      tremendously useful. I would be very grateful to
      receive a copy, either a photocopy, or in digital
      format via e-mail.
      Thank you in advance,

      --- david gladstone <davidgladstone2005@...>

      > Dear members,
      > We are looking for any information about our
      > family,if possible pictures of the
      > Gladstein-Amoilsky families.Most of the members of
      > the family left Keidan before 1930, and only few
      > stayed in Keidan and  murdered in 1941.We don't know
      > their home address in Keidan,the Shule they went
      > to,the address of their textile shop etc.
      > We are planning to visit Keidan and need any
      > information which can make our visit most memorable.
      > We have a copy of the book "Keidan-Memorial
      > Book"most of it in hebrew and part in english which
      > was published in 1977 in Tel Aviv.If any one needs a
      > copy please let me know so we'll try and scan it for
      > you.

      > David Gladstein-Gladstone
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