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51Re: Harvey's trip to Kedainiai

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  • lynn lubamersky
    Jul 12, 2005
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      Hi Harvey,
      You might already know this, but when I go to
      Lithuania I look at the "In Your Pocket" guide website
      and buy a copy of the guide at the newstand when I get
      there. Here is the site for Kaunas:


      When we were in Kedainiai the year before last, we
      stayed in Kaunas at the really great guesthouse
      recommended by the "Kaunas in your pocket" guide. We
      rented a car and drove all over Lithuania. Unlike our
      first trip to Lithuania in 1996, the roads are now
      full of Scandinavian tourists driving down the via
      Baltica, filling up at the 24-hour gas station. You
      could be in the U.K. or anywhere in Europe.
      Travelling in Lithuania is not the difficult
      experience it once was. Have a good trip!
      -Lynn Lubamersky
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