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456Can Anyone Offer Help or Advise?

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  • Alan Shirk
    Nov 12, 2009
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      Researching  family name Shirk from Keidan, got as far Selig "Jacob" Shirk born about 1861and spouse Tobie born about 1861. He was from Keidan/Kaunas, she i dont know. got as far as Keiden tax rolls 1840 that list 7 shirks included a Zelig, who may or may not be the fatherof the as  not  yet born Selig.? Go to Keidan via Keidan Society web page 1940 that made mention of the passing of Abraham 1928. Can you steer me in the right direction, or is anyone out their that has relevant information that would be helpful. Always thought my Fathers family had German roots, although that could still be true based on the ethnic .mix of the Jewish community of Keidan What is Kaunas in relation to Keidan, is it a state or a district in Lithunia? Always  thought Shirk was an uncommon Jewish name with
      so many non Jewish Shirks of Amish, Mennonite or German gentile origins. Any help would be appeciated from fellow Landsmen 

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