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  • A. Cassel
    Jul 5, 2005
      Welcome Margery! It's good to hear from you. Descendents of Keidaners are all over the place, from New York to Johannesburg to Australia to Argentina. In fact, just the other day I received this note from an Argentine email address:
      I am Arnaldo Krawicky, son of Abrham Kravitzky that was the rabbi's brother Efraim Slomo Kravitzky that directed the yeshiva of Keidan and he died in the Shoa. 
      I want he knows if there is family of the alive rebe and if there are more data of their life 
      Thank you 
      I've invited Arnaldo to join the list, but haven't heard from him so far. Hopefully he'll tell us more about his family and history. Margery, if you're in NYC, you might be interested in looking up Martin Kagan, who emigrated from Keidan to New York in 1939, just before the Shoah, as a 19-year-old youth, and was welcomed by the members of the Keidaner Association (likely including your grandfather.) Martin is a wonderful man who vividly recalls life in Keidan itself during the interwar period. If you're interested, contact me privately and I'll give you the particulars.
      Another NY-based Keidaner descendent is the actor, Hal Linden. His father was Charles Lipshitz, who served as president of the Keidaner Association in the late 30s. I've tried, so far unsuccessfully, to contact Linden about his recollections of the group. (Any help would be appreciated.)
      Is the 'log' you found among your grandfather's things the "zamel bukh" from 1930? My grandfather was the editor of that volume, copies of which are very rare today. There's one in the NY Public Library (42nd St. branch, Judaica collection) and another at YIVO. I have one, which sat on my father's shelf for 60 years before I 'confiscated' it and had it translated in 1990. That began my odyssey of exploration into Keidan and its far-flung children.
      Please let me know if you have further questions. All the best,
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      Hi. I joined the group!  My grandfather was Lazarus Cohen, a
      bookbinder who lived in the Bronx. He's buried at the Brooklyn
      cemetary. He was a very sweet man and died when I was 7. His wife,
      Tessie lived into the 80's. She neverlearned much English. I grew up
      in New Jerset, spent most of my adult life in The Bay Area and now
      live in New York City.

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