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40RE: [JewishKeidan] Keidaner Association

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  • A. Cassel
    Jul 5, 2005
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      Thanks, Olga, for passing that note along. I hope Margery will follow up by joining the Keidan email group herself. Lazarus Cohen's name does appear on the 1930 membership list of the Keidaner Association of New York. I assume the "log" she refers to is the anniversary book produced that year, most of which can be found translated on the www.keidan.net website.
      The Keidaner Association no longer exists in any real sense; the last Secretary/Treasurer of the organization was Victor Kagan, whom I interviewed about 12 years ago in New York. He still had a little black book with the names, dues records and passing of all the members, and told me at the time that the organization still had title to a couple of burial plots in one of the NY cemeteries. However, I think the last real meetings took place in the 1940s or early 50s.
      Over the years I've tried to collect as much material as I can about the group, its members and their descendents. This list is part of that effort. If Margery has additional information from her family that she can share, I would be delighted to receive and share it.
      All the best,
      Andy Cassel
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      Dear Group Members,

      I received an email from Margery Cohen which I would like to share
      with this list since I cannot answer her question.

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      > Hello Olga, My grandfather, Lazarus Cohen, was a member of the
      > Association. I found the Thirtieth Anniversary log at my mother's
      > yesterday. I'm interested in following up on this. Is there an
      > group of members in New York City?
      > Margery Cohen

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