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285Re: [JewishKeidan] Please help with information on the Bay family!

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  • Steinsteve@aol.com
    May 13, 2008

      Konstantinava, 56°03' 25°21' . In the northeast, near the Latvian border.

      It is near

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      Subject: Re: [JewishKeidan] Please help with information on the Bay family!

      Dear Andre,

      Could it be Constantinople?

      David Alexander

      Dear members!

      I am a 2nd generation Bay, born in South Africa. My Grandfather came
      Lithuania in
      1902 with a cousin to South Africa. Recently we found out that their
      used to live in
      Keidan. on his naturalization papers he wrote his father's name as
      Marcus and
      his mother
      Rosa and the town Konstantinovka. This is strange for us as we can't
      find such
      a place in
      Lithuania. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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