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257RE: [JewishKeidan] Re: Margolis

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  • Heather Smithard
    Dec 10, 2007
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      Hi Olga
      Thanks for the information - I have been on the Keidan birth and marriage records online and will use the soundex option this time. I have realised that the surname could possibly have changed when he arrived in South Africa and I am going on the information that was supplied to me via my family.  I am also going to spend some time over the holiday season to investigate more details about him from a South African perspective with our national archives.  I have the date he married here in SA, who he married, both their dates of death as well. Maybe i will be able to find out more information about him.
      I am also under the impression that he left Keidan with his brother, who went to USA - and I don't have any of his details.
      What does it entail to belong to the Keidan Vital Records Translation project? I am keen to join.
      This has all been usefeul - again thanks for helping me out.
      Kind regards

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