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239Re: [JewishKeidan] More on Kedainer plot at Mt. Hebron Cemetery

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  • Gus Levy
    Jun 10, 2007
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      ADA: SEYMOUR RABINOWITZ was my first cousin. His name was definitely SEYMOUR. Sidney Rabinowitz was his older brother, and is buried elsewhere.
      CHARLOTTE RABINOWITZ was the widow of SEYMOUR. She remarried NATHAN GREENFIELD. It was always her wish to be buried next to SEYMOUR and, obviously, she preferred her previous married name. Her daughter, Cheryl, lives in Elizabeth, NJ and is the wife of Rabbi Moshe Abramowitz (Colonel,
      Chaplain Corp, US Army, retd).
      GERSON LEVY (My parents are the Blanche and Benjamin Levy buried in that plot).
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      From: Ada Green
      Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2007 8:36 AM
      Subject: [JewishKeidan] More on Kedainer plot at Mt. Hebron Cemetery

      This is a follow-up to my message of three months ago, where I wrote on
      March 11, 2007 as follows:

      > The next time I go to Mt. Hebron Cemetery I will ask the office
      > if they can show me a plot map for Chevra Bnei Israel Anshe Keidan
      > to see whether it can shed any further light as to why 22 of the
      > 49 burials in the plot,including Max MOGEL, are considered part
      > of the adjacent Kovner Unt. Verein. Perhaps there's a pattern
      > that I'm not aware of, such as only those buried in the back row.

      On Wed., June 6 I went back to Mt. Hebron and looked at the plot map
      for Chevra Bnei Israel Anshe Keidan. It contained 25 burials, in
      alphabetical order as follows:

      Nettie HAIMOWITZ, Sidney HAIMOWITZ, Gussie (Gittel) KAMEN, Benjamin
      LEVY, Blanche LEVY, Jack LEVY, Samuel LEVY, Aaron LIBOSHUTZ, Elsie
      Geitel GORDON (Kate ORENSTEIN on gravestone), Charlotte GREENFIELD
      (Charlotte E. RABINOWITZ on gravestone), Sidney RABINOWITZ (Seymour
      RABINOWITZ on gravestone), Isaac RIFKIN, Dora RODNITSKY, Gertrude
      SCHOENBERG, Annie SCHULTZ and stillborn, Irving SCHULTZ, Pessie SIEGEL,
      Rose SIEGEL, Becky NALOWITZ (Rivie YALOWITZ on gravestone), Barney
      ZUCKERMAN, and Matthew ZUCKERMAN.

      Two people that are listed in the Mt. Hebron Cemetery online interment
      database for Chevra Bnei Israel Anshe Keidan and are indeed buried in
      the society are not on their plot map: Bertha INGBER and Stanley WEISS.

      The map still does not explain why the 22 other people buried on the
      grounds of Anshe Keidan are listed in the online interment database for
      the adjacent Kovner Unt. Verein. I couldn't investigate the matter
      further at that time because it was already 4:30 PM and the cemetery
      closed at 5:00 PM. Didn't want to take the chance of getting locked up
      inside the cemetery gates after closing time (it's happened twice in
      other Jewish cemeteries - as recently as April 2, 2007 on Erev Pesach,
      which truly would have made that night different than any other night
      had I not found a way out through an adjacent cemetery).

      Ada Green

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